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Commander City Karachi Feature Image

The sumptuous housing society in the Paris of Asia. It is adorned with its projects fully aided with opportunity and comfort. It provides residential and commercial plots and already-built houses and apartments surrounded by parks, mosques, and children’s play areas.

It is established by keeping in view the luxurious lifestyle that everyone desires but at a very affordable price, the main idea of this scheme is to provide the facility of housing with similar facilities as luxurious housing societies are providing to people who cannot afford houses in those societies providing at very high prices.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

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Commander City Karachi is facilitated with all such amenities you can think are provided in an elite-class housing venture such as Bahria Town; the wide and metal-plated roads, modern sewage system, and top-rated schools.

Moreover, there is also society’s own school too. It is suitable for every person ranging from low wage salary to high.

In contrast to some well-developed projects, it has reserved a quota for orphans, widows, and people with special needs. Moreover, 24 hours security system is being provided to patrol society.

Other facilities include Sui Gas, a water purification plant, a standby generator, commercial hubs for shopping, and many more.

In short, society is providing you with all the facilities and with such an elite class environment that no other society will provide you with in such range as are being provided by this society. Let’s have a glance at the opportunities that make it ideal and worth living.

Commander City Karachi Location Map

While buying any property everyone wants a place that offers a high-class world community. The society as a whole is situated in such a place being surrounded by high-class other societies and is linked with the motorway.

Commander City is located around 50 KM away from Jinnah International Airport on M9 Motorway in Karachi which links the cities of Hyderabad and the City of Lights.

It is linked with the top roads near DHA City, Ary Laguna, Karachi Golf City, and ASF Housing Scheme. The society is in the same lane as Bahria Town on the motorway.

This also shows that it provides the same quality as the other well-reputed projects which shows that you would not feel lesser than any other person living in a high-class society.

The eminence of this project is realized by the fact that it is approved by the SDA and SBCA.

Commander City Karachi Payment Plan

The payment plan of the housing society is the most affordable one and the most flexible one with stress-free installments. The installment plan covers the following:

As a regular scheme: this has two offers for houses, the first one is, a single-story bungalow of 80 Sq. Yds. for rupees 50 lakhs and the second one is rupees 75 lakhs for a single-story bungalow of 120 Sq. Yds.

It also has 2 bedroom and 3 bedroom apartments at a price of 32 and 40 lakhs respectively.

The developers are offering 3 types of payment plans for apartments and houses given below.

Houses and Apartments Payment Plan

Unit SizeTotal PriceInterest-Free Loan Scheme 40 Months Payment Plan & Possession in 3.5 / 4.5 yearInterest-Free Loan Scheme 24 Months Payment Plan & Possession in 1 yearInterest-Free Loan Scheme 12 Months Payment Plan & Possession in 1 year
2-Rooms Apartment32 lakh40 equal payments of 80,000 per monthDown Payment = 17 lacks.
Financing 15 lacks @ 15,000 per month.
Not Available
3-Rooms Apartment40 lakh40 equal payments of 1 lakh per monthDown Payment = 22 lacks.
Financing 18 lacks @ 18,000 per month.
Not Available
80 sq yard house50 lakh40 equal payments of 125,000 per monthDown Payment = 26 lacks.
Financing 24 lacks @ 24,000 per month.
Down Payment = 14 lacks.
Financing 36 lacks @ 3 lack per month.
120 sq yard house75 lakh40 equal payments of 187,500 per monthDown Payment = 41 lacks.
Financing 34 lacks @ 34,000 per month.
Down Payment = 16 lacks.
Financing 54 lacks @ 450,000 per month.
2,3 bedroom apartments and 80,120 sq yard houses for sale


  • 10% discount on lump-sum payments.
    Non-refundable registration fee of 1 lack on each apartment and 2 lack on each house at the time of booking.
  • The utility charges will be demanded at least 6 months before possession @ applicable cost at that time.
  • Extra charges of 3 lack will be charged for each category location including corner, west open, the main road facing, and park facing.
  • Transfer charges will be demanded @ applicable government tariff once full and final payment is received by the company.

Interest-free loan scheme: it is divided into 40 monthly installments. Possession of the house shall be given after booking within a year to 4.5 years.

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Residential Plots Payment Plan

Plot SizeTotal Price42 Monthly InstallmentsUpon Possession
80 sq yards2,400,00050,000300,000
120 sq yards3,600,00075,000450,000
80 & 120 sq yard residential plots for sale

Commercial Plots Installment Plan

Plot SizeTotal Price42 Monthly InstallmentsUpon Possession
100 sq yards15,000,000350,000300,000
100 sq yard commercial plots for sale


  • 1 lack non-refundable registration fee is applicable for each category of the plot.
  • Extra charges of 3 lac for a corner, facing the park, and main road facing plots will be charged within 1 year of booking.
  • The cost includes development charges but the transfer/document charges will have to be paid by the allottee.
  • The allocation of the plot shall remain provisional until full payment is received by the company.
  • Connection charges for utilities i.e. electricity, gas, and water will have to be paid whenever these connections are needed.
Commander City Karachi Plots Payment Plan
A complete payment plan of residential and commercial plots is given in the form of table.

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Commander City Karachi Project Plan

It is a well-planned housing society in an area of over 100 acres. The project is designed to provide luxurious lifestyle facilities in the most affordable manner.

The project will comprise residential blocks, commercial complexes, and a host of other amenities like a community center, health club, fitness center, gymnasiums, swimming pools, parks, playgrounds, etc. The housing units would be available in a variety of sizes ranging from one bedroom to two bedrooms.

Various facilities and amenities will be provided by the society which includes 24/7 security, a power back-up facility, water supply from Karachi Water & Sewerage Board (KWSB), sewage system, underground electrification, telecommunication services, and high-speed internet connectivity.

The aim of the society management is to provide already built houses, therefore, the work is still in progress and is rapidly making its way towards completion most of the work is completed and the remaining shall be completed within 4 years in order to provide you with high-quality houses.

Although there are sample houses available for visiting and taking an idea for booking. A 6-lane main road is spread across the housing venture which is wide enough and gives an open environment to the town. So don’t get worried about anything and get your houses and plots booked.

Developers Commander City Karachi

Development of the project is under the authority of Commander builders. They are still performing in the same best way as has been promised them and their performance is still making progress in this field and providing the market and customers with the unmatchable quality and reliability of their work.

They are known for their trustworthiness and have been successful in the past with many housing projects in Karachi. The main aim of Commander builders is to provide customers with a complete package so that they don’t have to worry about anything.

We hope that this project will be as successful as all the previous ones and will be providing the people of Karachi with a modern and comfortable lifestyle. So don’t wait any longer and get your houses booked now.

The project plan is carefully developed by the developers and includes all the necessary steps for the successful completion of the project which includes setting up safety measures, land acquisition, infrastructure development, construction of residential buildings, etc. It is expected that the project will be completed by 2023.

We believe that such a well-planned project will provide immense opportunities for people to improve their living standards and give them a better life in Commander City Karachi.

We look forward to your participation and support in this amazing development.

Their high-quality work can be observed through some of their previous projects;

  • Commander Heights.
  • Commander Enclave.

Features and Facilities Available in Commander City Housing Society

Features of a housing scheme decide everything regarding the purchase of residency or making an investment in the businesses.

The facilities being provided by the society are well more than enough to make you feel comfortable and well pampered and will definitely pursue you to make a purchase or investment in this society. The following are the features of society:

  • A daily shuttle bus service.
  • Society is a gated community.
  • Security guards patrolling the society.
  • 6 lanes Main Boulevard.
  • A state-of-the-art hospital.
  • High-rated schools nearby.
  • Parks and playgrounds.
  • A mosque.
  • There is also a commercial center with the best quality products.
  • Power backup which got you covered in case of load shedding.
  • A water purification plant is also there to provide you with clean water.
  • There also is a community center and also a clubhouse.
  • There is a swimming pool.
  • There is a fitness center.
  • A digital theatre is there to enjoy movies.
  • A commander superstore for all your daily household goods.
  • A Commander Public School in the society.
  • 24/7 security.

All such facilities are more than enough to make anyone invest in a business or purchase a residency in this society to ensure profits in the future or to ensure a good lifestyle in a well-reputed housing venture.

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Commonly Asked Questions

Below we have answered a few of the frequently asked questions.

Who is the owner of Commander City Karachi?

Commnder Muhammad Zakir is the owner of this housing scheme.

Is Commander City Approved by SBCA?

Yes, the housing venture is approved by SBCA.

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