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Al-Jannat Town Khanpur Feature Image

Are you tensed about choosing a housing town to live in or buy a residential or commercial plot? Al-Jannat Town Khanpur got you covered. It is a town well suited for a high standard, tension free and secure life within affordable price be it for living or for commercial purpose. This enables you to invest in the most reasonable town in order to make your living better. The environment of the town is the most sophisticated one and calm, providing you with clean and beautiful roads having greenery in its surroundings reducing pollution and making the environment clean for living.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The town has beautifully designed homes and sophisticated residents making the environment of the town more reliable and safe.

In addition to this there are shops and markets in the town which are easily approachable by the residents saving their time and effort to look for things to be bought. It is also giving an opportunity for commercial investors to start a new business.

Moreover, parks of the town and a Mini zoo are giving an excellent opportunity to the residents for socializing and also to take care of their health and to perform extra-curricular activities.

Al Jannat Town Khanpur provides a very affordable payment plan so that you can enjoy all the above mentioned facilities with all day electricity supply and a well maintained sewerage system without being worried about heavy and one time payments.

Location Map

Wouldn’t you prefer a housing society located at such a place accessible by all the necessary amenities of life. The town is located at the highly busy road named as Rahim Yar Khan Road near Liaqat Cotton Factory and Oil Mill saving the society from being totally cut off from the hustle of the city. The gate of the society is attached to the main Khanpur Road of Firoza.

The housing venture is near all the necessary facilities of life as it is near Firoza Bypass, Educators High School, Post Office, Railway Station, Government High School and also Government Hospital. All of the above are at minutes of drive near the town you wouldn’t have to be suffered by the long distance drives from the town to find such facilities.

The Al-Jannat Town is also a site of attraction for these nearby facilities therefore there are high prospects for earning high profits from your businesses making it beneficial for both residents and commercial buyers to invest in the town.

Payment Plan

If you are financially worried about the payments then you need not to worry about it as the payment plan is the most flexible one and you won’t feel any financial burden. In fact you will feel financially satisfied after investing here for your residential or commercial purpose as it consists of installment payment method consisting of 3 years:

  • First payment would be down payment which is 25% of net price.
  • Then there would be 36 monthly installments.
  • And 15% of net amount payment would be made when you take possession of the plot.

For Residential Plots:

  • 5 Marla plot of rupees 650,000 is divided as 25% payment of rupees 162500 and 36 monthly installments of rupees 10833 and 15% payment of rupees 97,500 shall be paid on possession.
  • 6 Marla plot of rupees 780,000 shall be paid as 25% down payment of rupees 195,000 and 36 monthly installments of rupees 13000 each and 15% of payment rupees 117,000 shall be paid on possession.
  • 7 Marla plot of rupees 910,000 shall be paid as 25% down payment of rupees 227,500 and 36 monthly installments of rupees 15,167 each and 15% of the amount rupees 136,500 shall be paid on possession.
  • 8 Marla plot of rupees 1040,000 shall be paid as 25% down payment of rupees 260,000 and 36 monthly installments of rupees 17,333 each and 15% of amount rupees 156,000 shall be paid on possession.
  • 9 Marla plot of rupees 1,170,000 shall be paid as 25% down payment of rupees 292,500 and 36 monthly installments of rupees 19,500 each and 15% of amount rupees 175,500 shall be paid on possession.
  • 10 Marla plot of rupees 1300,000 shall be paid as 25% down payment of rupees 325,000 and monthly installments of rupees each and 15% of amount rupees 21,667 shall be paid on possession.

For Commercial plots:

  • Each 1.5 Marla shall be sold for rupees 337,500 as 25% down payment of rupees and 36 monthly installments of rupees 84,375 each and 15% of amount rupees 50,625 shall be paid on possession.

These affordable and flexible plans are available for both residential and commercial plots so don’t get worried either you are looking forward to buy residential or commercial plots. Our society has got you covered as we care about the needs of our customers. Such plans are the reason that makes this project suitable for residents and profitable for the businessmen. With all the other sureties it is also giving surety of financial flexibility in a promising profitable place.

Project Plan

The project is approved by the Tehsil Municipal Administration (TMA). It is planned by Adam Developers in such a way that it promises reliability to everyone in every aspect of an ideal housing society.

The project has been 80% completed and still work is in progress, the developers are making efforts to complete the work as soon as possible so you should hurry and start booking your plots as the plots are available on first come first serve basis so get your plots as soon as possible so that you are not left out and you don’t get benefit from this opportunity.


For effective development of the project, the housing society has been developed by the most reliable developers, Adam developers. It is a company with a glorious present and a promising future in the field of real estate.

The methods used by them are so advanced and the team is so much qualified it is looking forward to plan the projects in the market that will bring newness in the society and market this is the core reason for Al Jannat Town to be such a well-developed society. The quality of Adam developers is unmatched and this is the signature of what they are promising to bring into our country.


  • The town has the most resilient and the most luxurious facilities making the life of its residents more comfortable and envious.
  • The town is a gated community.
  • Electricity connections as this facility will be available for the houses and businesses.
  • As for the Sui gas connections the society is providing you approved Sui gas connections.
  • Houses and businesses will also be provided with supply of clean water.
  • There is an accessibility of well-constructed metal carpeted roads within the society and also the road connects the town to the city.
  • Al-Jannat Town is providing you broadband connection and cable TV connection to keep you entertained and killing your boredom.
  • Maintenance staff is also available to give you a helping hand. Moreover, security staff is also available.
  • Security is also enhanced by the CCTV cameras surveillance.
  • There is also facility of Hospital near the town just about a several minutes of drive.
  • There also is availability of a restaurant at several minutes of drive.
  • There also is a hospital nearby town.
  • There also is a school nearby the society.
  • There also is a public transport facility near the housing venture.
  • In this town you will also find a Masjid to offer your prayers.
  • Width of roads is minimum 30 ft. and maximum 50 ft. All the roads are clean.
  • There is a park in the society for enjoyment of residents.

The above mentioned qualities of the society make it attractive and competitive with every high class society but in very affordable prices as mentioned in the installment plan now you can also live in your dream house or start your business in a promising profitable society as every other successful person without being worried about the finance.

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