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Zaamin City Lahore Feature Image

Lahore is one of the cities where residential schemes have taken by storm and this has contributed to investment opportunities for people who prefer profitable investment options. As we all know the real estate business around Pakistan especially in the major cities is booming and one of the key players in this reference is housing schemes like Zaamin City Lahore. It is a well planned and state of the art vicinity designed with the most innovative ideas under the supervision of proficient developers. This scheme aims to provide its customers with a place they could call home and represents thousands of innovative opportunities for the business. The housing society is aimed to provide you an outstanding environment with lucrative business opportunities.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan
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The housing scheme enjoys premium facilities and tactical location which has all the amenity of life and enormously beneficial investment opportunities for the investors in the future.

It is one of the top class residential and commercial societies in Lahore presenting extravagant infrastructure and modern development with lavish amnesties that are beyond one’s imagination. A complacent and peaceful life awaits here. The inhabitants of the city can now savor the taste of elegance and luxury all just in one confined heaven called Zaamin City.

This area has revolutionized the way residential and commercial plots were, the vast array of various sizes of plots grant you immense chances of personal and professional growth. A matchless environment which offers splendid facilities with a well-designed community. Here your basic and luxurious needs can be fulfilled in a delightful way.

It is a place where you can spend a safe and secure life enjoying all the luxuries of a remarkable life. This profound community built in the heart of Lahore is able to fulfill your housing needs as well as your business investments are secure and would be advantageous here. Every corner of this plan is decorated with utter magnificence and splendid architecture is the one that speaks for itself.

The diverse range of plots offered here can cater to all needs of the buyers and business investors. Here lays the pleasant life combined with the inimitable facilities and entertainment for the residents in all ways. You don’t have to go out of the housing society for any of your needs. The prices and payments are kept in such a way that anyone who is looking for a premium residence having all facilities nearby van buys it without getting out of budget. Investors have opulent opportunities to tap into this market because of the elite class community and state of the art architecture.

Location Map

The most crucial factor in choosing a place to live or to start a business is its location, and we are delighted to say that Zaamin City Lahore is first rated in this case. Like other residential areas this zone is not totally out of the city in fact it enjoys a prime location that is actually within the city at Ferozpur road near Sabzi Mandi. It has a tactical and attractive location to have a home because you are joined to the most commercial areas and bazaars through a wide network of roads that surrounds it.

This locale is hassle-free to track on Google map and anyone can get to this location without any rummage. The inhabitants of Lahore who want luxuriant and peaceful life while enjoying the world-class facilities inside their home and outside in the community can blindly invest in this property.

The greenery encompassing Zaamin City Housing Scheme will comfort your soul and will give you the best environment filtered out of pollution for leading a healthy and safe life with your families. Businesses are always very cautious while investing in a property for their future ventures because a lot depends on the location in terms of profits. This housing scheme is full of opportunities for businesses because they can enjoy a worthwhile business platform and can serve customers with premium products and services.

Payment Plan

Lahore has already been occupied by many other housing plans and people have been really worried to buy a place to call home in these societies. The market has been already saturated enough but there is always a demand for housing schemes which can cater to the need of the buyers and investors in the most unique way that creates a win-win situation for both of the parties. This living venture is one of the housing plans which is aiming high to serve the inhabitants of Lahore with incredible facilities that they need for living a splendid and peaceful life.

This housing scheme is a community finely developed to give its customers the best experience of their lives. This exquisite place is offering affordable and eminent plots that cover auspicious facilities and amnesties to spend a magnificent life. Today the prices of properties have surged and now everyone wants to grab their hands on a property like this because it has future value in terms of home and business too.

The property value here will surely increase in the future so people are eager to buy plots of 5 and 10 Marlas in order to make their investment fruitful. For this very sole purpose, Zaamin City came up with convenient and affordable payment plans for all its buyers. Buyers can purchase the plot of their choice while paying a minimum amount of down payment. Talking about the installments then the management of the scheme has planned out easy installment plans for everyone who wants to live in this modern and futuristic society.

5 Marla Residential Plot Prices

Sr No Installment Due Date Amount Development Charges
1 Down Payment With Application 740,000
2 Quarterly After 3 months 296,000
3 Quarterly After 6 months 296,000 160,000
4 Quarterly After 9 months 296,000
5 Quarterly After 12 months 296,000 160,000
6 Quarterly After 15 months 296,000
7 Quarterly After 18 months 296,000 160,000
8 Quarterly After 21 months 296,000
9 Quarterly After 24 months 296,000 160,000
10 Quarterly After 27 months 296,000
11 Quarterly After 30 months 296,000 160,000
Total 3,700,000 800,000

5 Marla Residential Payment Plan Zaamin CityClick to Call 0303 5532489
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10 Marla Residential Plot Rates

Sr No Installment Due Date Amount Development Charges
1 Down Payment With Application 1,480,000
2 Quarterly After 3 months 592,000
3 Quarterly After 6 months 592,000 320,000
4 Quarterly After 9 months 592,000
5 Quarterly After 12 months 592,000 320,000
6 Quarterly After 15 months 592,000
7 Quarterly After 18 months 592,000 320,000
8 Quarterly After 21 months 592,000
9 Quarterly After 24 months 592,000 320,000
10 Quarterly After 27 months 592,000
11 Quarterly After 30 months 592,000 320,000
Total 7,400,000 1,600,000

10 Marla Residential Payment Plan Zaamin City

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5 Marla Commercial Plots Installment Plan

Sr No Installment Due Date Amount Development Charges
1 Down Payment With Application 3,700,000
2 Quarterly After 3 months 1,480,000
3 Quarterly After 6 months 1,480,000 450,000
4 Quarterly After 9 months 1,480,000
5 Quarterly After 12 months 1,480,000 450,000
6 Quarterly After 15 months 1,480,000
7 Quarterly After 18 months 1,480,000 450,000
8 Quarterly After 21 months 1,480,000
9 Quarterly After 24 months 1,480,000 450,000
10 Quarterly After 27 months 1,480,000
11 Quarterly After 30 months 1,480,000 450,000
Total 18,500,000 2,250,000

8 Marla Commercial Plots Payment Schedule

Sr No Installment Due Date Amount Development Charges
1 Down Payment With Application 5,600,000
2 Quarterly After 3 months 2,240,000
3 Quarterly After 6 months 2,240,000 720,000
4 Quarterly After 9 months 2,240,000
5 Quarterly After 12 months 2,240,000 720,000
6 Quarterly After 15 months 2,240,000
7 Quarterly After 18 months 2,240,000 720,000
8 Quarterly After 21 months 2,240,000
9 Quarterly After 24 months 2,240,000 720,000
10 Quarterly After 27 months 2,240,000
11 Quarterly After 30 months 2,240,000 720,000
Total 28,000,000 3,600,000

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Project Plan

A wide scaled project built on the dream of high-class community and modern development plan that covers all the residential and commercial needs and is able to serve the inhabitants of Lahore with outclass location and amnesties to spend a life they have always dreamed of. The sophistication of all the conveniences will make your life commendable and will present you with an enhanced way of living a contented and luxurious life. Providing you leading-edge facilities with modernized infrastructure and a secure environment this place is best to spend your lives with your families. The peace of mind and poise is ensured here.

The plots for residential and commercial uses are surrounded by lush green trees and greenery is a vital part of this society. Because of the prime location and premium facilities that it has offered, this place is full of junctures and economically has a great value to invest in. Security and safety are the top priority of this location with matchless architectural design and strict security systems for your family.

On the other hand, businesses are safe here and not prone to any accidental incidents or intrusion. This built-in community will give you a sense of togetherness and calmness to all the inhabitants of the town, where they can enjoy yearly festivals together and gatherings of their loved ones. All of this is built by weighing customer’s demands and desires while remaining in their given budget.

Zaamin City Lahore along with its tactical location and remarkable infrastructure approved from LDA has a variety of plots to offer to its buyers. A wide of different sized plots are up for sale in this scheme. Economic development plays a crucial role in determining the future prosperity of a country and this scheme is one of them, so if you want to rise up in the country’s economy staying within the limited budget then this place is for you.

By buying these plots you will definitely be doing a deal full of benefits. The plots sizes from which you can buy commercial and residential purposes are as follows 5 & 10 marlas residential and 5 & 8 marla commercial.


It is a project of Zaamin Group that has been formulated on pillars of excellence. The proficient developers of this project have been planning for a long time to bring something innovative and premium for its buyers by following the latest trends to maintain standards that equate to the international levels. The savvy and skillful team has chalked out its plan to give their best in terms of convenience and comfort. They had worked on every nook of the project to fix the puzzles as beautifully as they can by magnificently complying with all the requirements of their customers.

Zaamin developers have worked on various other projects without compromising on quality and have always given their skills in a phenomenal manner. This society has its special heart and sweat because it one of their prime and head projects. The infrastructure and excellence that have put into this project are impeccable. The superb living environment and excellent facilities have made it a name that is on everyone’s tongue nowadays. Top-notch development and outstanding construction comes with golden investment opportunities for its business investors and dream come true place for building a home for its residential buyers.

Features & Facilities

Zaamin city is a vicinity that will provide a lifestyle full of extravagance. You can enjoy the luxuries of life by staying close to your home yet everything that you will need or desire would be just a few footsteps away from your home. The state of the art design and immaculate infrastructure have made this place a must to live to inhabit. The whereabouts of this city and the amnesties that it determines to provide are top class and will give you premium living standards. Here you can experience luxuries of life by enjoying the surroundings and facilities that will hike up your living standard.

The housing venture has come up with exquisite residential plots that will fill you up with peace of mind, safety, and excellence in all matters. The commercial plots here are a prime location with the scheme which is a golden place for all the investors to invest in, your investment will not fall into waste here and will boost your business up to many folds. The residential plots are exceptional and provide a sense of calmness to all its customers who can invest and buy these plots to make a house of their dreams and can spend a lustrous life with their families enjoying all the auspicious facilities and amnesties.

Luxurious Community
The town represents a mutual living community beholding the luxuries and convenience of life. The wholesomeness and top-class amnesties that it offers make it a place worth living in. This scheme has built on the framework of a community where residents can live in mutual harmony and can experience the warmth.

This housing scheme is surrounded by lush green gardens and trees that make it soothing for the eyes and soul in look and feel. The greenery purifies the air and gives a clean and breathable environment by filtering out all the contamination from air and making it free from dust pollution.

Safety and Security
Zaamin City Lahore is vicinity which is fully secured with a foolproof security system to take care of your valuable properties, preventing any unexpected intrusions from the outsiders.

CCTV cameras are plotted in every corner and street of this housing scheme even in the commercial area too to make sure you spend a safe and secure lifestyle with your families.

Best Health Care and Medical Facilities
All the medical facilities are a major part of this housing scheme, whether it’s a hospital or private clinic. The hospital is a wing of one of the top class hospitals within Lahore cities and the professional team of medical staff and doctors are 24/7 available for all your health needs.

The hospitals are well equipped with the latest equipment for the world-class medical treatment of their patients.

Sewerage System
The sewerage system is built on international standards to tackle the water and waste systems that are suitable for the changing weather in Lahore. So you can never doubt the professionalism of the developers who has planned everything in an upright manner.

Water Purification Plant
As we all know that there has been a deficiency of water in the whole world because of the melting ice caps, keeping this in view we have developed a brilliant system that will provide an uninterrupted supply of water for other purposes and purified water through a huge water purifying system.

Educational Institutions
Zaamin city has a group of best educational institutions on their map aiming for the world-class education and study environment for your children. This place has various schools and colleges to cater to the educational needs of your children without sending them much far away.

Spots and Fitness Activities
For the sake of health and fitness, society has come up with sports complexes and wing of the leading gymnasium which gym enthusiasts and everyone who wants lead a healthy lifestyle, yet enjoying well-equipped gymnasiums and sports activities can opt for.

Shopping Malls and Entertainment Facilities
While living in this splendid city you don’t have to go outside this housing scheme to find your favorite brand and grocery stores, this place has a high-end shopping mall that has world-class and top brands in it that you can easily shop from. Huge grocery stores all filled with commodities that are essential for living a fuller life.

Web of Wide Roads
This reservation has a wide web of roads surrounding it which connects you outside this housing scheme to the other areas. This housing venture is in the hub of Lahore city where all the other residential and commercial areas are nearby.

Electricity Facility
The town has an uninterrupted supply of electricity. The absolute strong and quality wiring will prove to be the best in supplying a continuous supply of electricity all over the housing scheme. There is an electricity plant which is dedicated to supplying energy to this area so there is no load shedding and you can enjoy worth spending life.

Sui Gas Facility
Sui gas pipelines are widely spread underground throughout the society, so the question of lacking these amnesties is entirely out of question.

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