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Marine World Kala Shah Kaku LAhore Feature Image

Imagine yourself rambling in a sea where diverse types of sea crowds are wandering around you, obviously, that will be an amazing experience. But now you don’t need to just imagine because SA Group is soon going to bring a Marine home near to you where you will experience have all this amusement in reality.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

Marine World Lahore is the first-ever amusement and shopping mall project in Pakistan where you will lively experience a real living within the sea species that will include all kinds of sea animals and plants. The project will be a huge setup of aquariums where you will have lots of entertainment, fun, amusement along with information about sea species. Here you will have knowledge about sea living with a close view. Furthermore, there will be all shopping brands in the Mall. So, you can shop your favorite products while enjoying marine life.

Now I will tell you what this project is going to bring for all of us. The project will be showing numerous gigantic and small sea creatures in fresh seawater sea plants and vegetables and different oceanic pictures. These entire things will jointly give you the feel like you are walking in the real sea world. A beautiful pathway that will lead you inside the ocean where you will enjoy the real amusing sensation is what it gives you.

Almost all the biggest countries have developed amusement parks where they have built the marine world but unfortunately, there is no such type in Pakistan the reason is that it is quite difficult to construct a Marine home due to many circumstances. But now Pakistan is developing in all fields and every sector so SA Group thought to bring Pakistan to the international level by developing a Marine Mall that is a lacking fact in the real estate sector of Pakistan.

By visiting Marine World Kala Shah Kaku you will truly enjoy nature, the things that you just have seen on TV or on big screens will now be crawling in front of you in fact we will be walking in between them. I am so excited to visit this marvelous place and hope that you will also be excited so let’s wait till the development of the project in our country in fact in our city.

Location Map

The project is announced to be at the main GT Road Kala Shah Kaku near SA Garden Phase 1.  The location of the project is prime because it is only 25 minutes away from Lahore Airport and only 4 minutes drive away from Eastern Bypass Lahore and Lahore Smart City where you can move to multiple cities at a single junction.

Payment Plan

As it is a shopping mall with an amusement project that will be run by some SA Group and no payment plan is announced yet so it is not available for sale yet. However, will provide you with confirming information once there will be an announcement.

Project Plan

According to the information given by SA Group, it is going to be a shopping mall like the Mall of Dubai. Where you will enjoy shopping under the marine life.

The project has architecture like a ship and is designed by the same architect who designed the Mall of Dubai. The project will have cinemas, Shops on multiple floors of multiple sizes, and apartments & penthouses as well.


The developers of Marine World will be SA Group who is renowned for delivering low-cost residential projects in Lahore, Kala Shah Kaku, and all over Pakistan.


The project will be Pakistan’s first-ever aquarium project that will give an unforgettable experience and knowledge about water creatures. The project will have the following features.

  • A Disney Land
  • Kids Play Land
  • Food Stalls
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • Fun-land
  • Cinema
  • State of the Art Aquarium
  • Brands
  • PentHouses
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