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Iqbal Garden Kala Shah Kaku | Lahore

Posted by Jaga Marketing on April 4, 2020

A mega project in Kala Shah Kaku that highly aims to provide a quality life experience with standard and affordable processes to middle-class families. This housing venture is an ultra-modern and incredible project that will be offering classically architected houses in Kala Shah Kaku.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

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This housing society will give you an area where you can spend the remaining of your life in luxury and comfort. Here the developers are presenting over just a minimally calm and deluxe lifestyle.

The more highlighted fact of this project is that people highly recommended living here and the houses this venture provides are marvelous. Houses here are designed by employing a chic and crowd-pleasing interior and exterior while the architecture of the whole society is completely pre-planned.

The motorway where Iqbal Garden is based has 4 lanes with 3 industrial zones and a couple of universities would also be established together with the project. It’s linked with M2 and N5 through Lahore link road near Kala Shah Kaku. The route is running parallel to GT road, passing east of Kamoki, Gujranwala, Daska, and is ending at Sambrial.

Here are a few details about the location, features, types of houses, and payment plan of the community along with other information that might help you decide why this would be a good option for you.

Iqbal Garden Location Map | KSK -Lahore

The Housing venture is a superlative project that is offering residential plots, commercial plots, and well-located areas. The most appealing features of this housing society that will attract clients are the location, rates, and the installed facilities.

You can have a sustainable and remarkable way of living after residing in this housing society. Here you will have both commercial and residential plots of different sizes with very low rates. But these rates will get high in the coming days.

Location is one of the main concerns of anyone who is going to buy property or house in a newly built society, as far as the location is concerned it attracts more than one-third of its investors and buyers.

Iqbal Garden is located beside G.C University Kala shah Kaku Motorway Interchange Lahore. The whole area is surrounded by Lahore – Kala Shah Kaku Motorway, Lahore eastern ring road link, Lahore Sialkot Motorway interchange, and Smart City Lahore. And it is only at 40 minutes drive from Lahore central city area.

The other renowned housing ventures in the area include Sa Garden, Capital City, and Basit Town.

Read All the details in the blog. For other details and updates of the project like Society Map (Master Plan), Facilities, Best Price Offers, etc. Whatsapp at (0303 5532489) or from mobile click it–> wa.me/923035532489.

Iqbal Garden Kala Shah Kaku Lahore Payment Plan

When it comes to buying property people look for affordable prices and investment plans that the investors have to provide to their buyers. The housing scheme has a range of factors and qualities i.e. it’s an ideal location, availability of all life conveniences, and economic rates. Yes, the rates of the plots are very low that you can easily afford while earning a moderate income.

The developers of this society offer two types of investment plans to its residents and the people who are going to buy property here. Plots of 3 Marla and 5 Marla are offered here and the price ranges are as below:

  • 3 Marla Plot comes at the price of 795,000 with a down payment of 195,000 PKR. It offers 36 months installment schedule of PKR 5500 each. There will be an additional installment of PKR 30,000 every 6 months.
  • 5 Marla Plot comes at the price of PKR 1,250,000 with a down payment of 295,000 PKR. It offers 36 months installment schedule of PKR 8500 each. There will be an additional installment of PKR 50,000 every 6 months.

Residential Plots Rates & Payment Schedule

Plot Size Down Payment Allocation 36 Monthly Installments Bi-Annual Installment On Possession Total Price
3-Marla 250,000 80,000 6,500 30,000 200,000 945,000
5-Marla 350,000 140,000 9,500 70,000 250,000 1,500,000

Iqbal Garden Payment Plan Residential KSK
Commercial Plots Prices and Installment Plan

Plot Size Down Payment Allocation 30 Monthly Installments Bi-Annual Installment On Possession Total Price
2-Marla 495,000 220,000 29,500 50,000 220,000 2,295,000
4-Marla 990,000 320,000 59,000 140,000 320,000 4,590,000
Iqbal Garden Lahore Commercial Plots Installment Schedule 2021

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Iqbal Garden Lahore Kala Shah Kaku Project Plan

The project is a masterly planned scheme that has been designed on the standards of modern construction methods to provide convenience to the residents. It is a beautiful project which is premeditated on vast land and installed with each and every necessity of life.

It offers an extensive array of residential and non-residential plots and every unit have a separate installation of facilities to give a comfy living to the residents.

One thing that was kept mainly in focus is that society has to provide opportunities to the middle-class families and small families that’s why it offers plots of small sizes i.e. 3 Marla, and 5 Marla, and those too at the lowest possible prices.

Apart from all this the residents of this small project don’t have to leave the premises in search of any kind of basic facility because it provides all the facilities to its people and everything is available within its boundary walls.

A clean and wide road network, water and gas availability, community center, health care units, shopping malls, educational units, playland, and parks within a gated community is not a feast for investors.

Developers of Iqbal Garden KSK Lahore

The developers of this housing venture are one of the leading organizations in the real estate sector of Pakistan. They have done many other projects as well and have always strived to provide the highest standards of workmanship, with modern project management techniques and the latest technology.

It diverse the experience of the real estate sector in their respective domains and believes that both expertise & qualification produces reliable dynamic organization.

Besides all the benefits and facilities that this society provides to its residents, there’s a great opportunity for the investors too to invest here. Prices are affordable, investment plans are great and cheap, what else can you wish for when you have all the facilities in one place.

Features and Facilities

Iqbal Garden Housing Scheme KSK has some of the unique and prominent features as well as the basic modern facilities that it offers to its residents. It aims to provide its residents with all the facilities that a modern society can have. Below are briefly described features that the society offers:

  • 100 ft. main Boulevard.
  • Street Lights.
  • Wide main entrance that provides an eye-catching view.
  • Schools & Colleges built to ensure that your children get standard education.
  • A network of Carpeted roads.
  • Parks for children.
  • Fully Functional Health Center with 24/7 facilities.
  • Branded Shopping shops.
  • Gym facilities.
  • Mosques.
  • Community Centre fulfilling all your needs.
  • Sports complex with different indoor and outdoor gaming.
  • Maintenance Staff to make sure everything is maintained and in working condition.
  • A well-built sewerage system.
  • 24/7 security and camera surveillance.
  • Water Supply.
  • Shopping Malls with all the facilities and brands under one roof.
  • Restaurants providing you with quality food.
  • Community’s Grand Mosque.
  • Water filtration plants.
  • Carpeted roads.
  • Community’s Gymnasium.

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