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Green Palms Gwadar Feature Image

A housing society that is a gateway to an improved future and luxurious life. It’s an area where you’ll be able to enjoy a premium quality of life with modern amenities.

The successful Grand Ballot of Central District Green Palms Gwadar was administrated earlier in 2021; now the project is being developed at a rapid pace.

To facilitate the buyers and other investors, this housing project is offering an online payment facility with no bank charges, and all this new way of payment is introduced just so that the buyers don’t have to make much effort in terms of payments.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

It is an ideal and promising housing project located on Makran Coastal Highway. Launched by Rafi Group, the project is offering a mixture of residential and commercial plots and that too at the most reasonable prices.

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With NOC granted by Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), Green Palms is among the few schemes where your investment is legitimate and secure and if you are looking to live here, it will be one of the best decisions of your life. Plots in several price ranges and sizes are being offered in this housing scheme.

Gwadar has become a lucrative investment opportunity because the city will become a hub of tremendous trade and financial activity thanks to the CPEC project.

In the coming years, demand for residential and commercial property will definitely elevate within the city. This makes this mega housing project a true deal for investors who seek to profit with minimal risk.

Below are a few details about the location, features, types of houses, payment plan of the community along with other information that might help you decide why this would be a good option for you to live in.

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Green Palms Makran Coastal Highway Development Image
Original Image of Society

Green Palms Gwadar Location Map

Location is one of the main things that attract the attention of buyers when they are looking for buying a house, plot, or commercial business.

As it affects life in many ways. But when we look into this society, there is no need to worry about the location as it is located at one of the most ideal locations in the region.

Green Plam housing project is located on the Makran Coastal Highway (360 ft 6 lane road) and Kahan Avenue (264 ft 6 lane road) and it makes it one of the most significant projects in Emerging Port City.

Green Palms Location on Gwadar Master Plan
Location Marker on Gwadar Master Plan
  • It is only 6.5 Km from the Beaches, Marine Drive, and Gwadar Business District (GBD) is just a few minutes away from it.
  • It is 3-4 km from tourist resorts.
  • It is also 7-8 km from the current Zero point at Makran Coastal Highway.
  • 25 km from New Gwadar International Airport which is South Asia’s Largest Airport (4300 acres).
  • 60 km from Pakistan-Iran Border.
  • 25 km from Gwadar Port.

Green Palms Gwadar Payment Plan 2023

Gwadar has attracted investors from all across Pakistan because of its low-cost property. The great thing is the payment plan of this housing venture is convenient for many buyers.

A 3-year payment plan for the central district and 4.5 years installment schedule for the overseas district of both residential and commercial plots make it a reasonable yet reliable option.

A 10% discount is obtainable on the total price just in case you’re paying upfront instead of opting for a 4.5-year payment plan.

Green Palms Gwadar Overseas District Residential Plots Prices & Installment Plan 2023

Plot SizeTotal AmountBookingConfirmation After 1 Month48 Monthly Installments4 Annual InstallmentsBalloting within 6 Months
3.2 Marla720,00075,00075,000825025,00072,000
5 Marla1,125,000125,000125,00013,35030,000112,500
7 Marla1,458,000150,000150,00017,75040,000145,800
10 Marla2,000,000200,000200,00024,15060,000200,000
14 Marla2,520,000250,000250,00031,00070,000252,000
Overseas Residential Prices and Plots for Sale

Overseas District Commercial Plots Prices & Payment Plan 2023

Plot SizeTotal AmountBookingConfirmation After 1 Month48 Monthly Installments4 Annual InstallmentsBalloting within 6 Months
2.6 Marla2,000,000200,000200,00024,15060,000200,000
4 Marla2,880,000287,500287,50035,75075,000288,000
Overseas Commercial Prices and Plots for Sale
Green Palms Gwadar Updated Installment Schedule 2022
Updated Payment Schedule of Overseas District

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Booking Process:

  • Arrange the down payment.
  • Pay the advance amount in the company account having the title “Rafi Developers”. Ask for the account number and title on the WhatsApp number given above and below.

Click To Whatsapp/923331150666

Send the following documents to the above or below-mentioned WhatsApp number.

  • 3 Passport Size Pictures.
  • 1 Id Card Copy of the owner of the plot.
  • 1 Id card copy of the nominee.

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Why should invest in Gwadar Green Palms Housing Project?

China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is the most important event of this century.

It’s a game-changer for Pakistan and Gwadar is the crown of CPEC. It’s the best time to invest in Gwadar since China has taken the world’s deepest and largest seaport of Gwadar on a 43-year lease and has started working on the project.

Seaport is operational and South Asia’s largest airport (4300 acres) is going to be completed in September 2023 which will be the major milestone in the infrastructure of Gwadar in terms of its access to the world and compliments to investment potential.

Green Palms Gwadar Project Plan

The housing scheme has been approved by the Gwadar Development Authority (GDA), it is a landmark project within the ‘Land of Opportunities’, Gwadar.

The project is located on (360 ft wide) Main Makran Coastal Highway and (264 ft wide) Kahan Avenue with a 1.25 and 1 km front respectively, 3 to 4 km from the tourist resort & downtown and 6.5 KM distance from the Beach/Marine Drive.

The housing scheme occupies nearly 1000 acres of pristine property (1065 acres to be exact). The vicinity of the project includes Naval Anchorage and Canadian City Gwadar. The identical road also ends up in Gwadar Golf City, which is about a quarter-hour away by car.

Green Palms Housing Society has residential and commercial plots of different sizes which include 3.2,5,7,10,14 marla and 1&2 Kanal Residential plots and 2.6,4&8 marla commercial plots.

The housing scheme will have 2 phases connected inside. Phase 1 which is under development has a central district. The central district is completely developed with electricity and street lights installed.

Central District has the following blocks:

  • Platinum Block
  • Ruby Block
  • Gold Block
  • Sapphire Block
  • Opal Block
  • Diamond Block
  • Emerald Block
  • Pearl Block
  • Mercury Block

Phase 2 has an overseas district, overseas district corporate block, and Royal Enclave.

Overseas District:

The Overseas District of Green Palms Housing Project is an initiative by the Rafi Group in Gwadar. It’s all set out to provide lavish residential neighborhoods with top-of-the-line amenities for those who live abroad and want to invest there too.

The development work has already begun, but before that can happen we need your help at hand today during this formal groundbreaking ceremony where you’ll get a chance to see firsthand how much progress has been made so far while also helping us lay down some crucial foundation blocks towards making sure these homes will be nothing short than promises delivered once they’re complete.

There will be a total of 9 blocks in the overseas district.

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Gwadar Green Palms Society Map_Master Plan
Society Map/Master Plan

Developers of Green Palms

This mega project is a venture of Rafi Group – a company that has made its name in the real estate market and is renowned throughout the whole country. Rafi Group is led by Mr. Imtiaz Rafi Butt, who is the CEO and Executive Chairman of the firm and is taking his company to new heights of success.

The team has been working with a number of the country’s most respected designers, consultants, contractors, and designers, to push the boundaries of what’s possible in terms of reality and produce innovative housing communities. The privately-owned assets developer is headquartered in Lahore and has been offering its services to the masses since 1978.

The company has an illustrious history and is one of the leading real estate companies in the business. Rafi Group is now considered one of the top developers in Pakistan.

The most famous projects of the developers except Green Palms Gwadar are mentioned below.

  • Empire Center
  • Land Mark Plaza
  • Defence Shopping Mall
  • Central Plaza
  • Hall Road Plaza
  • Empress Tower
  • Green Acres
  • Rafi plaza & Zaitoon plaza
  • Green Palms Lahore

Mian Muhammad Imtiaz Butt (Chairman) – CEO/Executive Chairman

Mr. Mian Muhammad Imtiaz Butt is the CEO and Executive Chairman of Rafi Group. His expertise, passion, and creativity have led him to open several ventures that are now considered pinnacle names in Pakistan’s real estate industry. He has been a chief player in guiding the company’s vision and mission.

He has pursued several courses in the real estate sector, under the guidance of some highly reputed institutions.

Features and Facilities Green Palms Gwadar Will Have

The housing venture will offer some remarkable features for its residents and investors keeping in the knowledge of all the needs of modern life. Here are some of the prominent features:

  • Underground electricity
  • Wide carpeted roads
  • Shopping Malls
  • Gated and secured entry from Bab-e-Medina
  • Underground provision of utilities
  • Continuous fresh water supply
  • Modern infrastructure
  • Community living
  • State-of-the-art telecommunication network
  • Mosques, including a Grand Masjid
  • Top-quality educational institutes
  • Large green areas
  • Sports complex and community club
  • Fresh Water Supply
  • Modern telecommunication services
    Community Club
  • Open parks with lush green gardens
  • Educational Institutes
  • Gated Community protected by round-the-clock security staff
  • Tennis Courts & Swimming Pool
  • Steel structure construction
  • Monuments, Main Gates, and Watch Towers Development
  • Civil Works
  • Installation of an Electrical system, Sewerage system, Water & Gas Supply
  • Building Over Head and Underground Water Tanks
  • Horticulture Works Including the development of Family Parks
  • CCTV cameras installation and set up a surveillance system
  • Developing a full-proof security infrastructure

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Commonly Asked Questions

Here we discuss a few frequently asked questions.

What are Central District and Overseas District?

Both are the sectors of this housing project.

What are the development charges?

Development charges will be charged as per actual after completion of the development.

What is the approval status of the Gwadar Green Palms housing project?

It is the largest private housing project in the city and possesses a NOC of 1065 Acres which can be verified from the official website of Gwadar Development Authority (GDA).

What is meant by NOC Restored Conditionally?

NOC of all private housing schemes is conditionally approved. Because GDA has given them a deadline to monitor their development work.

The development work of this housing venture is pretty much ahead of that timeline.

How far is Green Palms from the new airport?

15 minutes drive from South Asia’s largest airport with an area of 4300 acres.

When will development work start?

Development work is in full swing, in fact, it is the most developed private housing project in Gwadar.

What is the completion date of the project?

Plots will be ready for possession as per the completion of the payment plan (Both COL&DC)

What is IGI Vitality?

It is an insurance company and collaborated with Rafi Group for investment security of clients in Green Palms Housing Society Gwadar.

What does IGI Vitality cover?

It covers the investment of the client till the completion of the current payment plan.

This means if a person has purchased a plot/file in this housing scheme and God forbid passes away during the payment cycle then the remaining dues will be covered by IGI policy.

Are there any charges for IGI Vitality?

No, it is complimentary.

How will I be registered for IGI Vitality?

A form will be provided at the time of booking along with the booking form.

What are the documents for IGI Vitality?

A CNIC copy of the client will be needed.

What if CPEC does not meet expectations?

China is the largest economy in the world, it has the biggest market share in exports in the world.

CPEC is a Project of China and it will be completed irrespective of Political Changes.

It is the flagship project of BRI (Belt Road Initiative) which includes more than 140 countries and Gwadar is the crown of the CPEC.

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