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Gwadar is intended as the picturesque of Pakistan which is currently offering a piece of its magnificence to the globe by presenting a multi-purpose venture Canadian City Gwadar. It is a completely urbanized and comprehensive commercial and residential society in the neighborhood of seaport of the country. Gwadar is the alone seaport of Pakistan and deliberately a functioning zone that fills in as a solitary sea exchange route for the country. Additionally, after the progression of the CPEC agreement between Pakistan and China the economic value of the city has increased 100 times more than before.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

China has put forth a gigantic investment turning the Gwadar as an economic city and opening new flaps of affluence and progress. This also causes a motivation for the individuals to put their investments here. Not only Pakistani individuals but people from around the world started taking interest here. Now our country’s trade has reached in trillions. The most remarkable factor is that the Government of Pakistan has declared the city as a tax-free zone which causes a huge trade hence generating large revenues and improving the financial system of the country. All these factors cause a huge rise in the prices of land in Gwadar and the benefit of which was taken by the real estate developers and construction firms. One of them is Haji Lal Bakhsh Lahore based real estate developer who initiated Canadian City Gwadar.

Society is developed on the basis to provide a way of living that is accommodated with Canadian features. The project is a secure way of investment as it is approved by GDA and lies in the A-Category of the GDA master plan. A-Category is that area of GDA which lies under the swift and special growth.

Apart from having an ideal location, the project is also a secure investment as it has also got NOC from the Government of Pakistan. So, you should not doubt while investing in here as it is going to give you living in heaven with brilliant business spaces.

Location Map

The project holds the most crucial and ideal location of Gwadar city. As we have discussed it many times before that the area where you are going to live or invest is always kept in mind at the time, you decide to invest. Because almost all of us want a place that is perfect and effectively open from all sides and has proximity to the facilities for a valuable life. The project Canadian City Gwadar flaunts such a great and central location inside the master plan of GDA at main Makran Coastal Highway at the distance of 4km from zero points. The society has a front of 150 feet wide Main Boulevard which gives a direct way towards Zero Point and Gwadar Beach.

By viewing on the map it can be seen that Canadian City is found near Mund Avenue that hooks up the Baluchistan Broadway to the Makran Coastal Highway. The old Jewani Road also passes through the project while this housing scheme also connects to the three superhighways of the town and also lies in the A-category. It means the chances of development and growth are more certain in this area.

Payment Plan and Prices

The payment plan of both the residential and non-residential units is exposed by the developing authorities and they have also uploaded the associated forms on their official website. As I have already told you that you will be given different sizes of plots against each category so prices will also differ. The residential blocks are offering plots of 5 Marla to 2 Kanal and commercial sectors consist of 2 Marla to 8 Marla plots. Furthermore, the interested investors are also allowed to buy plots either on cash or on an installment basis.

The plot numbers have been allotted to each category and booking is open now on first come terms. You can choose your choice plot from the available quota. The reservation can be made by paying a little amount of down payment which is set on 25% of the cost. The remaining 75% amount can be paid in 10 quarters or 30 months. It means the tenure of the payment plan is 2.5 years. Don’t go anywhere I haven’t yet told you about the booking procedure. So let’s come with me to know how to proceed to book your favorite plot.

All you need to do is to follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Download the Registration Form and Booking Form (available on the official website of Canadian City Gwadar)
  • After downloading carefully fill the required details on hard copies of both forms.
  • After filling attach the required documents i.e. Copy of CNIC and Photos.
  • Submit the form along with pay order or cross-check for the membership fee and down payment against the plot you want to buy in favor of Society.

Residential Plots

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment 30 Monthly Instalments 10 Quarterly Instalments
5-Marla 125 sq yards 1,025,000 307,500 23,917 71,750
10-Marla  250 sq yards 1,750,000 525,000 40,833 122,500
20-Marla(Standard) 500 sq yards 3,225,000 967,500 75,250 225,750
20-Marla(Prime Location) 500 sq yards 4,680,000 1,404,000 109,200 327,600
40 Marla 1000 sq yards 6,200,000 1,860,000 144,667 434,000

Commercial Plots

Plot Size Total Price Down Payment 30 Monthly Instalments 10 Quarterly Instalments
2-Marla 50 sq yards 1,250,000 375,000 29,167 87,500
4-Marla 100 sq yards 2,225,000 667,500 51,917 155,750
8-Marla 200 sq yards 4,000,000 1,200,000 93,333 280,000

Project Plan

Canadian City Gwadar is an outstanding housing scheme that is kicked off to open and complement the investments of the people in the appearance of the property in the ever big project of the city. The master plan of the project is unveiled by the developers. The project will consist of a land area of around 310 acres. The project has been divided into commercial and residential zones where every zone is giving separate properties. You have a golden chance to put your money in Pakistan’s most prominent venture that is legally approved from GDA as well it has also obtained NOC from the Government of Pakistan. Furthermore, it is also a phenomenal open door for overseas.

The project is divided into different phases and zones. Both the commercial and residential areas have been planned separated from each other. The first phase of the project consists of residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal while commercial zone offers plots of 2 Marla, 4 Marla, and 8 Marla. The commercial sector will be covering an area of 5000 square yards. There is also a mosque on the area of 4800 square yards and a school that’s also covering the same area. A high standard hospital with the name Sahara Trust Hospital is also planned to be constructed in the Canadian City premises.


Haji Lal Bakhsh, a Lahore based developer is the developer of this mega project.

Project Features and Facilities

Except for providing necessary infrastructure improvements by maintaining international standards, the developers have offered all the basic and essential conveniences. Few of the features are listed below:

  • Own power plants and water filtration units
  • Availability of Natural Gas
  • Community Club
  • Senior Citizen Club
  • Kids play areas and sports complexes
  • Indoor Swimming Pool
  • Parks & Green Belts
  • Beach and Resorts
  • Masjid
  • School
  • Commercial Civic Centre
  • Business Sector
  • Wide Roads and Streets
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