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Grand City Kharian

Posted by Jaga Marketing on August 29, 2018

As we all are hearing that the real estate sector of Pakistan has grown a lot from the last decades. Many of the emerging developers have presented different housing and commercial projects in cities like Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Gujrat, Gwadar, etc. After such developments, the living standard of these cities has also raised while infrastructure also improved. Fewer of the old cities of Pakistan is still under the development phase.

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Payment Plan
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Project Plan

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Euro Corporation is the ultimate land developers who are going to enhance the beauty of the Kharian District by familiarizing an exotic, independent, and contemporary housing scheme named Grand City Kharian. It is an exclusive gated community, a matchless vibrant housing cum commercial project introduced for the very first time in Kharian to uplift your way of living. Here at Grand City Housing Scheme, the residents will enjoy both premium luxury and secure living in a gated community.

I will say that this housing society will be marked as an iconic development gratifying your dream of having residence in the tranquility of nature while redefining the new corporeal canons. Furthermore, you will find all the present-day lifestyle utilities, basic supplies, and necessities esoteric in this pleasantly environed housing society as well as a commercial hub. Another attractive feature about the housing scheme is that the plots and files are available at very low rates it means any low-income individual can easily afford the cost of 5 Marla House. Thus it is a great chance of investment for the individuals who have money but no secure means to invest.

I think we should also discuss the location of the project so let me tell you that this beautiful housing society is located prime location near G.T Road Kharian. Coming towards the offerings of the project and the mode of payment, the Grand City Housing Scheme offers 5 & 7 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential and 6 Marla non-residential plots.
Let’s go with the further details of the project that is:-

Location Map

By reviewing Google map we will see that Grand City is found to be positioned at the New Bypass near Sarai Alamgir Road, Kharian. The location of the project has a direct link to the Sargodha-Kharian Bypass having the shortest distance from Sarai Alamgir Road. The developers have chosen a very ideal location on Main G.T Road in the center of Lahore and Islamabad city.

Precisely describing Grand City Housing Society is situated at the distance of 7 Km from Sarai Alamgir and 10 km away from the main Kharian. The location holds the primary importance as it is found in the region of Gujrat District the major industrial city thus providing huge business and growth opportunities to residents.

Read All the details in the blog. For other details and updates of the project like Society Map (Master Plan), Facilities, Best Price Offers, etc. Whatsapp at (0303 5532489) or from mobile click it–> wa.me/923035532489.

Payment Plan

According to The Grand City Kharian Payment Plan, it is a golden investment opportunity which is offering different commercial and non-commercial options. You can invest in 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal and 2 Kanal residential plots or 5 & 10 Marla Houses or in 2 Marla commercial plots. The developers have revealed the price plan and reservation procedure for both categories and have offered an installment plan span over 2 years.

All the interested investors are required to pay a booking amount of 10% of the sale price of the plot or house and after 30 days another 10% payment for confirmation. The 20% amount is to be paid at the time of possession of plot or house now the remaining 60% can be easily paid within 2 years with 24 monthly installments.
The procedure of commercial plots is the same as for residential plots so don’t waste time and book your plot today by calling us.

Pakistan Sector Rates and Installment Schedule

Grand City Kharian Pakistan Sector Residential Plots Installment Plan
Grand City Tulip Block Plots

Plot Size Booking Monthly Installments 6 Half Yearly Installments
On Possession Total Price
5 Marla 237,000 12,000 88,800 250,000 1,975,000
10 Marla 383,400 22,000 130,000 411,600 3,195,000

Grand City Tulip BLock Prices and Installment Plan

Grand City Files Installment Plan for Plots of Overseas Sector

Plot Sizes Booking 36 Monthly Installment 6 Bi-Annual Installments Balloting On Possession Total Price
5 Marla  350,000  20,500 137,400  182,000  170,000  2,890,000
7 Marla  500,000  26,500 225,000  222,000  220,000  2,490,000
10 Marla  600,000  32,500 375,000  432,000  350,000  3,290,000
1 Kanal  990,000  59,500 690,000  708,000  800,000  5,990,000

Grand City Kharian Overseas Sector Installment Plan
Grand City Houses Installment Plan

Plot Size Total Price Downpayment 30% 24 Monthly Installments On Possession 20%
5 Marla 8,500,000 2,550,000 177,083 1,700,000
10 Marla 13,500,000 2,700,000 337,500 2,700,000

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Project Plan

The society has been developed with an endeavor to make available deluxe living community by providing every up-to-the-minute comfort and cutting edge features for different families. The master plan of the project has been spread over a large area offering a varied range of different sizes of living options including both Plots and outstandingly constructed homes. The map shows the entire society offers several 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential and 2 Marla commercial plots and also villas of 5 Marla and 10 Marla.

Let’s have a brief on Grand City Homes:

5 Marla Home

The 5 Marla house is the best option for a small family size having two floors. The houses are designed beautifully with the implementation of a highly attractive interior. The ground floor of 5 Marla house consists of a bedroom with attached bath, TV lounge/dining area, drawing room, beautifully fitted kitchen, a separate laundry, beautiful garden, and a car porch while the 1st floor has 2 bedrooms with attached bath, lounge, store, and a terrace.

10 Marla Home

For large and medium-sized families the Grand City Kharian offers 10 Marla homes featuring 2 floors and equipped with modern interior and all the utilities. Here at 10 Marla home, the ground floor is designed as 2-bed with attached bath, TV lounge/dining area, drawing room, beautifully fitted kitchen, a separate laundry, beautiful garden, and a car porch and first floor have 2 bedrooms with attached bath, lounge, store, and a terrace.


sEuroiz Corporation is a well-acknowledged and well-liked land and property developers who brought the idea of introducing Grand City Housing Society in such an old and developing town Kharian. The developers have delivered the project keeping in view the different residential and commercial inclinations and needs of their clients thus produced better-quality living and business spaces by implementing timely innovation. With the help of highly qualified and experienced town developers, engineers, interior designers, civil architectures, and professionals they have designed the Grand City to give the residents a holistic living experience coupled with world-class conveniences.

Facilities and Amenities

In the tranquility of nature and the prime location of the town, the housing scheme provides the following facilities and amenities.

  • It is a beautiful housing society in town having wide carpeted roads adorned with greenery on sides of the roads and wide avenues with outstanding brickwork.
  • The streets are decorated with attractive street lights which give a diving look at night.
  • Grand City is a well-planned gated housing scheme where you will live a protected life by having 24/7 CCTV installation, availability of armed security guards at all entrances, mobile patrolling, and bio Metric system.
  • The developers have also provided the solution for load shedding by installing standby power generators to give uninterrupted power supply to the residents. Also, the entire society has an underground electricity system to stay safe from any disaster.
  • To provide a convenient shopping experience to the people of the community the developers have made a shopping mall that will contain all local and international brands, grocery stores, food court, kids play area, and cinema to provide the leisure facilities.
  • To give the residents essence of leisure fixed with the beauty of nature, the developers have designed a community part in the center of the society coupled with a beautiful garden.
  • Now for the very first time, you will see 3D-musical dancing fountains in such a small city like Kharian which is providing musical dancing fountains. This remarkable water and the light display will create an astonishing view to give a pleasant and amusing view to the residents of the town.
  • Here the residents will be served with a health club equipped with all necessities including a gym, sports club, swimming pool, basketball court, etc. to give them a healthy and fit life with amusement.
  • To give a pleasurable place for worship and prayer a beautifully architected Grand Mosque is made part of the society.

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