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Wasaib Avenue Bahawalpur Feature Image

A project of Wasaib Developers residing in heart of Bahawalpur is a housing scheme offering residential and commercial plots with affordable prices. The housing society is well suited for the people who are looking for modern life facilities with a secure and reliable environment. It provides up to date features and a luxurious life experience. The town has beautifully built homes and plot cuttings.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

Moreover, there are shops and markets in the town which are easily approachable by the residents saving their time and effort to look for things to be bought. It is also giving an opportunity for commercial investors to start a new business.

Homes built here are proof of exceptional architecture planning and development is going at a great pace. The environment of the housing scheme is the most sophisticated and calm, providing the residents with clean and beautiful roads having greenery in its surroundings reducing pollution and making the environment clean for living. In addition to this there is 24/7 security provided to the residents in the form of surveillance cameras and security guards thus making life of its residents a peaceful life.

Here we are going to brief you more about everything like location, features, types of plots, and payment plan that this amazing project has that will help you to make a choice why this housing scheme is going to be the best option for you to live.

Location Map

When choosing a place to live, location is one of the things that helps you decide either you should go the place or not as it plays an important role in providing ease to your life. But we have got it covered for you at Wasaib Avenue Bahawalpur. The location of this project is an ideal one as it has all the essentials in its surroundings. The project is located adjacent to the Bahawalpur Chambers of Industry & Commerce and quite near the Bahawalpur Railway Station, it also enjoys access to the other major areas of the city.

Apart from being located in this ideal location the project enjoy restaurants, main highway, railway station, and other essential places in its surroundings. Here are a few places that are really near to this town:

  • 8- minutes’ drive from Karachi Morr.
  • 10- minutes’ drive from Gulzar-e-Sadiq.
  • 10- minutes’ drive from Railway Station.
  • 10- minutes’ drive from Daewoo Terminal.
  • 12- minutes’ drive from Sadiq Public School.
  • 12- minutes’ drive from Fawara Chowk.
  • 15- minutes’ drive from Zero Point (GPO).
  • 3-minutes’ drive from McDonald’s.
  • 5-minutes’ drive from Toyota Bahawalpur.

Payment Plan

Wasaib Avenue offers really affordable prices so that the people can really enjoy all the above mentioned features in an acceptable price. The payment plan of this project is to provide a standard and peaceful life experience to the middle class people at affordable prices. Moreover, the installment plan is also made in accordance to facilitate people at best.

The project has to offer residential plots of 4.5 Marla, 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 12 Marla and 5 Marla commercial plots.

  • 4.5 Marla residential plots have a price of PKR 2,025,000 with 25% down payment. With these a 36-month installment plan is introduced where PKR 30,938 to be paid every month.
  • 5 Marla residential plots have a price of PKR 2,250,000 with 25% down payment. With these a 36-month installment plan is introduced where PKR 103,125 to be paid every month.
  • 7 Marla residential plots have a price of PKR 3,150,000 with 25% down payment. With these a 36-month installment plan is introduced where PKR 48,125 to be paid every month.
  • 10 Marla residential plots have a price of PKR 4,500,000 with 25% down payment. With these a 36-month installment plan is introduced where PKR 68,750 to be paid every month.
  • 12 Marla residential plots have a price of PKR 5,400,000 with 25% down payment. With these a 36-month installment plan is introduced where PKR 82,500 to be paid every month.
  • 5 Marla commercial plots have a price of PKR 4,400,000 with 25% down payment. With these a 36-month installment plan is introduced where PKR 67,222 to be paid every month.

There are few other things that need to be kept in mind while buying property here:

  • 10% discount on full upfront payment and 5% discount on half upfront payment.
  • 10% premium will be charged for corner plots and park facing plots.
  • 15% premium will be charged on any property having more than one of these above mentioned features.

Project Plan

The planning of this mega project is done utmost consideration to provide a life changing experiencing to its residents. One of the most main important plan of Wasaib Avenue was to provide its residents with a life never experienced before. The project will bring investors, futuristic infrastructure, and opulent environment for people that wish to experience the high-end living experience. It will contain luxury houses of assorted sizes as mentioned in above section.

Wide main boulevard, 40 ft and 50 ft wide roads in the blocks, green belts and every other life necessity is present within the society. A big park is introduced right in the center to provide people with a refreshing atmosphere. The development work is going at great pace and is likely to be completed soon with 100% success.


This tremendous project is a venture of Wasaib Developers, one of a renowned name in real estate development sector in Bahawalpur. This group of developers has done many other projects in the past as well and has proved to be one among the best. It’s a premier company that has managed to win trust of the people and made a name in real estate market just because of their passion towards work in lower Punjab. Wasaib Developers work on the trust and relationship as their power foundation.

With all the benefits and facilities that this mega project has to provide to the people of Bahawalpur, there’s a great opportunity for the investors too to invest here. What else can you dream of when you have all the facilities under one roof.


Wasaib Avenue Bahawalpur is approved from TMA and has to offer some of the most prominent and international standard features to its residents. It’s a gated community providing security and peaceful environment to the residents. Here are the features and facilities that this town has to offer to its residents:

  • A wide main entrance with a beautifully built gate.
  • Security Staff to give you a secure environment 24/7.
  • Land Scalped Garden, Green Belts.
  • A well-built Sewerage system.
  • Electricity supply.
  • Water Supply.
  • Broadband Internet Access providing high-speed internet.
  • Access to medical care and services 24/7.
  • Nearby Schools specially built to ensure that your children get a standard education.
  • Nearby Hospitals with 24/7 emergency services.
  • Nearby Shopping Malls with all the facilities and brands.
  • Nearby Restaurants providing you with quality food.
  • Nearby Public Transport Service.
  • Secure Gated Community.
  • Society Mosque.
  • Family Park.
  • Modern Street Lights.
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