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Wadi-e Kashmir Housing Society Karachi Featured Image

Have you ever thought of living in a city like Karachi and with the environment and feel like Kashmir? Yes, it is a very much unbelievable thing but it is possible now with the initiative that has been taken by the Wadiy-E-Kashmir housing society Karachi. The name itself speaks for what is about to be offered but still, you should be looking for more things. And surely the society is providing all such things that any elite class society provides to its residents.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The things that are promised will be provided for sure. And not only the facilities promised to be provided shall be more than excellent.
To make the residents comfortable and to give them a very good and luxurious lifestyle there is a hired staff which is so much efficient and proactive. And they are going to manage the things efficiently and they are not going to let you get bothered by any issue be it technical or non-technical issue everything will be handled by the management team. This is the quality that will be provided. The attraction of the place due to location increases the worth of society and makes it much more appealing for the buyers.

So everything that is offered is in a reasonably acceptable range. Anyone can purchase their home here as the society is providing a very much flexible plan for the payment of the plots. Now that everything has been made so much easy and affordable there is no need to worry as it is just going to waste your time. All you should be doing is to make the down payment and book yourself a treat. With such facilities and the most efficient staff, the response of the people is so good that bookings soon will be filled.

Location Map

The location of the society is so elite. As in the city of lights and near Abdalian society, our society is located. There are many other societies located in the surroundings of the society such as Gulshan e Mazdoor Housing Society, Naval Colony, Muhammad Khan Colony, and many more. All of these societies in the surroundings are making the environment very good, calm, and peaceful which is very much necessary for living somewhere. With this it is the surety there are the things are in the controlled environment and there is nothing for you to get worried about.

This is not just it, there are many schools and other institutions near society. The institutions such as Hassan Abdal is in the nearest vicinity of society. Other educational institutions and the important places including schools and colleges in the surroundings make things easier for the resident. And you will be tension-free from the things such as the uneasy neighborhood and the tension of dropping off kids to school or to go to your own university at a faraway place.

Payment plan

The payment plan of the Wadi-e-Kashmir Housing Society Karachi is discrete yet very much flexible. There are two options for the payment. The very first one is the conventional one in which you make payment of all the amount at once and get ownership of the plot.

While the other plan is based on installments and you can pay the amount in installments so now there is no need to be worried about the payment of the plot as it has got you covered. The installment plan is based on the down payment on booking and then there are two further options, either you choose for the monthly installment plan or you can choose the bi-annual installment plan. In which you pay the installments each month or after 5 months respectively. The installments shall be fixed.

  • For a plot of 80 square yards, the total amount is 800,000 rupees. For which the down payment is rupees 160,000. And the remaining amount is paid in 60 monthly installments of rupees 8,000 each month. While the half-yearly installments shall be of rupees 16,000 for 10 months.
  • For a plot of 120 square yards, the total amount is 1,300,000 rupees. For which the down payment is rupees 260,000. And the remaining amount is paid in 60 monthly installments of rupees 10,000 each month. While the half-yearly installments shall be of rupees 44,000 for 10 months.
  • For a plot of 200 square yards, the total amount is 2,080,000 rupees. For which the down payment is rupees 416,000. And the remaining amount is paid in 60 monthly installments of rupees 15,000 each month. While the half-yearly installments shall be of rupees 76,400 for 10 months.

With such a discrete plan there is no need to be worried about the things financially and get your plots registered as the booking is going to end soon as the bookings are increasing more and more day by day so do not lose this opportunity.

Project plan

The Wadi e Kashmir Housing Society is almost complete and will be officially finished in the upcoming year or so. The structure is well planned and includes the parking lot for the residents and the guests. There will be elevators for going up and down the floors. All these things make things so much good for the people and they are all going to make you feel like not less than any upper class living in any other luxurious apartment.
Due to the best team with the owners, the project is well developed and all the things from structure to the material are excellent in quality.


The project is developed by the best developers who have a lot of experience in the development of high-class projects which are affordable for the people. With them in the field, there are a lot of things which have changed positively people have started making affordable homes but they still could not manage to match their quality.

They have the necessary and required infrastructure and they have the manpower plus the skills which are needed. And they also are not compromising on the qualification of the staff and this is how they are making their way in the relevant industry and so they are not making the things go in vain. Their work shows the hard work and intelligence they put in and they are still working with the same enthusiasm. With them on the field and the existing milestones achieved it is sure that the things are going in the right way and they will end up being better than this.

Features and Facilities

The following are the features that make the Wadiy-e-Kashmir Housing Scheme stand out from other similar projects.

  • Electricity
  • Sui gas
  • Gated project
  • Security guards
  • Elevator
  • CCTV security
  • Nearby school
  • Nearby hospitals
  • Nearby public transport
  • Maintenance staff
  • Internet availability
  • Parking lot

The guards are available all the time for security and the CCTV will be online for 24 hours every day. There is the facility of public transport which is due to the prime location of the project. Other than that you will be able to go to the markets which are within walking distance. And the maintenance staff is going to assist you every time and they will not let the things bother you and they will solve the problem before you will notice it.

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