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Royal Grace City Multan Feature Image

Multan! Get ready to have a next-level venture in its vicinity. The Zam Zam Real Estate Developers and Builders are bringing a package of luxury living, adventure, entertainment, and much more for the people of the city. We know very well that Multan city has grown up to a great extent, further the infrastructure and real estate sector has also shown great improvement. In the last few years, Multan is considered one of the modern, developed, and busy cities of Pakistan giving a quality lifestyle to its people. The City has a variety of astounding lodging schemes that provides amazing civilities and accommodations. Royal Grace City is a radiant expansion to the town’s real estate sector.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The project has been designed to offer a luxurious and international standard living to the people along with associated facilities and amenities. The project with its staggering area, superb highlights, and a profitable price plan is a potential embark spinner on the road to homebuyers of Multan. The housing scheme offers a lifestyle that you can expect in a top of the line housing venture. The project is an outstanding housing society in Multan and a perfect place for investment as it has sound infrastructure and ideal location on the map of the city. Yes, the location of Royal Grace City is that feature which makes it ideal as well as the center of the attraction for the investors. Although various societies may ask for out of this world expenses this project of Zam Zam Real Estate Developers and Builders intends to make the living of people reasonable.

Let’s have a small talk about the location of the project. Royal Grace City is positioned at the best location of the Multan on Southern Bypass near to Khera Chowk. The most famous residential scheme Nayab Grace Housing can be located 5 km away from the project. I know despite knowing about the location you people will be willing to know about the prices and the installment schedule of the plots, so come on in I am here for you to give you all such information. The developers have offered well-organized and developed residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal. These plots are available against the booking amount of 20% of the cost of the plot and the installment plan is stretched over 2.5 years.

In the light of above discussion, I will say only a sentence that this project gives you a guarantee that your dream of owning an accommodation fits within your range.

Location Map

Royal Grace City Multan is a beautiful housing venture that is found to be situated in the surroundings of the lush green environment of the city of saints yet it is found near the commercial centers, business units, educational institutions, and top-notch residential societies. By living here you don’t need to travel so far to reach your workplace nor you have to leave your city to get quality education as most famous universities are located nearby the scheme. The project is located On Southern Bypass Multan having a direct link to Multan-Faisalabad Road and Budhla Road.

The society is located at 4 minutes away from Ibne Sina Hospital, 7 minutes away from Vehari Chowk, 10 Minutes away from Kachehry, and 10 Minutes away from Defence Housing Authority Multan. If you are coming from Southern Bypass than it will take around 5 minutes to reach through Suzuki Showroom. So, it is one of the golden opportunities for you to invest and have a dream living here in the surrounding of all features and facilities.

Payment Plan

Here is the payment plan of the project but before talking about the installment plan in detail I will tell you about the offerings of the project. Royal Grace City Multan is offering residential plots of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal with all the modern facilities and amenities of life. The clients can have plots according to their family size as for a small family 3 to 5 Marla plot is reasonable while for a medium to large family 10 Marla and 1 Kanal plots are enough.

The project will offer a western way of living with Pakistani culture. Moving towards the foremost advantageous peak of the project that is a payment plan, the developers have presented very convenient and economical prices against each plot. As prices and installment plan is the main factor that matters to you a lot before you decide to buy a plot or home. And in the case of Royal Grace City, you will see that prices have been set according to your range and people have given positive reviews in this arena.

You can buy a plot on a cash basis if you have huge earnings or huge savings or can buy on monthly installments or a quarterly or semi-annually basis if you are a salaried person. For booking, you will pay a down payment of 10% while the remaining payment will be made on a monthly or quarterly installment basis.

Plot Size Price Per Marla Down Payment (10%) Remaining Balance Monthly Instalments Quarterly Instalments Total Price
3-Marla 300,000 90,000 810,000 6,750 40,500 900,000
5-Marla 300,000 150,000 1,350,000 11,250 67,500 1,500,000
7-Marla 300,000 210,000 1,890,000 15,750 94,500 2,100,000
10-Marla 300,000 300,000 2,700,000 22,500 135,000 3,000,000

Project Plan

The developers of Royal Grace City Multan are considered to offer a front line and urged way of life to a broad assortment of individuals. Recollecting the key focuses on the architecture has solidified an assortment of civilities and amenities in the project, hence making it one of the most demanding societies of Multan.

There will be residential as well as non-residential units for the investors. From large to medium and small families all will have something according to their family sizes. A family consisting of more members can have a 7 or 10 Marla plot while a family of 5 to 6 members will be given the choice of 5 Marla plot or you can have 1 Kanal area where you can build your dream villa according to your own choice.

Having wide and broad avenues in gated, boundary walled, and secure community will be giving the society a beautiful look. There will be all you need from education & health facilities to leisure, entertainment, business to luxury living all at one stop.


Royal Grace City Multan is an ideal venture which has been developed by Zam Zam Real Estate Developers and Builders. The Firm was founded by Mr. Sardar Ahmed Qureshi who is working from the last decade. The developers aim to give luxury living and up-to-the-minute facilities to the people with minimum cost. They always try to optimize their services by providing top of the line facilities in every of their project.

The Jinnah Builders & Developers are a well-developed name in the history of real estate and known for offering quality projects whether it is commercial or residential with timely delivery and affordability. They have not only presented this project but also presented a pool of ventures few of them are listed below:

  • Alfalah Model
  • Alfalah Modern
  • Alfalah Defence
  • Zam Zam Kabirwala
  • Alfalah Dubai


The development work in Royal Grace City is swiftly going on. Almost 50% of the work has been completed and installation work is started. Furthermore, the project is providing all those facilities and amenities which are required for comfortable living. Few of them are shared below:

  • State of the art planning and highly modern and sound infrastructure.
  • Wide main boulevards and carpeted roads with green belts that are decorated with beautiful street lights.
  • Commercial center with different business units and shopping malls.
  • CCTV security and mobile patrols.
  • Modern sewerage system and under groundwater and electricity supply.
  • High security within the gated community which is secured with a boundary wall.
  • Parks and grounds for kids and the adults to spend their free time and have some entertainment.
  • Sui Gas with the underground installation.
  • Clean water supply with water filtration plants.
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