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Prime City Faisalabad Feature Image

It is a project introduced by AH developers at such an ideal location that makes it more valuable and promising for both residential and commercial buyers. The society is placed near the bypass and among famous educational institutes including schools and colleges both. The society is also surrounded by the boundary walls. It also has in its surrounding parks and grounds and a hospital nearby which is almost just a few minutes away from society.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

With modern sewage system under state of art planning, e-tag entrance and other facilities like electricity, Sui gas, filtration plant and gated community with green belts give you a reasonably high standard of living within the payment that is easily payable under two types of payments described later below.

For commercial buyers there also is a promising well profitable future as the Prime City has commercial centers and multiple main road links with the society which is the surety that the business will prosper and promises definite profits to their businesses.

The housing venture is at the one of the best locations in Faisalabad and is also comparable with the most luxurious societies. Within the society the buyers shall be provided with all the best facilities which you can imagine in a high class modern housing scheme. The town is a complete package for both living purpose and also for making investment in any business.

Location map

The community is located at such a great location near Main Satayana Road Faisalabad. Which is surrounded by colleges, parks, grounds commercial centers, and it links with many main roads. The housing society is also nearby Faisalabad Bypass. It also has very small distance from Daewoo Terminal.

  • There also is Imtiaz Super Market near the town and Government College University(GCU) Faisalabad near the town.
  • A Railway Station is nearby.
  • It is within few minutes of distance from LGS and Beaconhouse.
  • McDonalds and Hardees are at 6 minutes of drive from the society.
  • IDS hospital is at a distance of 6 minutes from society.

Surrounded by such great facilities and at such a prime location the society gives you the guarantee of the high standard living and also the prosperity of your business if you are looking for investment in the town.

Payment plan

The society is providing a very flexible payment plan and is providing two modes of payment. It can be in the form of installments and cash payment. The housing society is offering 4, 5, 7, 8, 10, and 12 marla plots to purchase.

For payment as net cash the rate of normal plot is 4.5 lac for one Marla. The rate of corner plot is and the plots which are facing park are 5lac for one Marla. And the rate of a 4 Marla plot is 19 lac, for 5 Marla plot the rate is 23.75 lac, for a plot of 7 Marla rate is 33.25 lac, for 8 Marla plot price is 38 lac, for 10 Marla plot price is 47.5 lac, and for 12 Marla plot the price is 57 lac.

The installment plan for buying the plots in Prime City Faisalabad is given as;

  • The booking of the plot must be done by 25% down payment and 25% payment after 5 months and 50% payment after 9 months. So for a 4 Marla plot of rupees 19 lac 25% payment of rupees 4.75 lac shall be paid for booking and after 5 months another 25% payment of rupees 4.75 lac shall be made and a last installment of 50% of rupees 9.5 lac shall be paid.
  • For a 5 Marla plot of price 23.75 lac shall be paid in installments as 25% payment of rupees 5.9 lac shall be paid on booking and same shall be paid after 5 months on second installment and in last installment after 9 months remaining 50% of amount rupees 11.875 lac shall be paid.

Another installment plan is based on monthly installments.

  • For block A and B, down payment shall be 30% of the total price and 6 monthly installments and 10% fee on possession. Price per Marla in these blocks is 595,000 for one Marla.
  • For block C and D there will be 4, 5, and 7 Marla of plots with price of 2,080,000, 2,600,000, and 3,640,000 rupees respectively. The down payment shall be 30% of the amount and 30 monthly installments and 10 quarterly installments and 10% of the total amount shall be paid on possession of the plot.

For commercial plots the installment plan is a bit different.

  • Commercial plots are available as 1.7 and 1.9 Marla plots of rupees 1,752,600 and 2,600,000 respectively.
  • For 1.7 Marla plot 30% down payment shall be paid of rupees 525,780 and 30 monthly installments of rupees 525,780 shall be paid and 10 quarterly payments of 105,156 shall be paid. And on possession 10% amount of rupees 175,260 shall be paid.
  • Similar plan is for commercial plot of 1.9 Marla.

There will be a discount of 5% on half upfront payment and 10% discount on full upfront payment in block C, D and E.

Project plan

It is a fast paced development project and reasonable work of the society has already been completed and the construction schedule is being followed in the development of the society. And for the residents they can start the construction of their houses after the 30% of the total payment of the plot. There also is an 80 feet wide main boulevard. The overall development of the society is so fast paced and will soon be completed. Therefore get your bookings as the booking for the plots is open. The project is divided in 5 blocks A, B, C, D, and E and is approved by FDA.


Prime City Faisalabad is developed by one of the renowned and eligible developers in the market, AH developers. Their success, skills, and surety of their quality can be seen in other projects they had done in past which are prospering successfully such as; Khayaban Garden and Model City-1 in Faisalabad.

With having such successful projects by its side the developers are now working on the completion of this society. And as they have provided people with high standard and unmatchable quality and skills, we are more than sure that they will also deliver us with even better quality and even more skills as they work with modern techniques and hopefully will make this society a modern developed society as well.

Features and Facilities

Project has following amazing features;

  • This is a gated community.
  • Has water filtration plant.
  • Underground electricity system.
  • Affordable and flexible payment plan.
  • Surrounded with main amenities of life.
  • Has parks.
  • Mosque.
  • Sewage system.
  • Main boulevard.
  • Prime location.
  • FDA approved.
  • Boundary wall.
  • Nearby University.
  • The annual rental revenue is 5 to 7 percent for shops.
  • Greenbelts.
  • Nearby hospital.
  • Security system.
  • E-tag entrance ensuring more security.

Such unbeatable facilities within the Prime City with affordable prices and flexible payment plans are reason behind people prefer this society over others and enjoy a world class life. For commercial investors this society is promising future profits to their businesses because of the locality and the promising yield in the society.

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