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PHA Residencia Peshawar Feature Image

Pakistan Housing Authority Peshawar in association with provincial housing authority Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has come up with a new housing scheme “PHA Residencia Peshawar” with such elegant facilities for all government employees and other general public at such affordable prices that everyone can bear easily. The community situated at Kohat road has already started its membership in the society. The housing venture is being developed by the government authorities which ensures the success for all the buyers, be the commercial or non-commercial buyers of the community.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The Balloting has been made today, The lucky one’s got messages.

The society providing amenities like parks, commercial markets, schools, underground water and electricity facility, broad roads with such an elite environment that’s is unique and unmatchable. The society is also providing security and safety to the residents within a gated community. This makes it not less than any well-reputed society.

This is a low-cost housing scheme to make it affordable for various scales of government employees and also for the general public. The quota is provided to provincial employees of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, government employees, the general public, special people, media, overseas Pakistanis, Ministry of Housing, and works (with PHA-F AND PHA-KP) and FATA.

The society is offering variable sizes of double story houses with single units. The application of government employees for memberships shall be based on their scales however other people can apply for any plot. People can apply for membership by submitting a form with such a fee as specified below. Forms may be submitted online too. The community is also providing plots for commercial buyers who are interested in making an investment that is profitable and promises the prosperity of their business whichever it is.

Location map

The community is supposed to be situated in Peshawar at such a beautiful location on the road named Sorizai Kohat Road. Presents such a great location and in the best environment which every person wishes for his house. No worries about the locality of society, as it provides you easiness to approach here.

However, the exact location of the project is not yet revealed by the developers of the society.

Payment plan

The membership fee is the most flexible one and the most affordable one. PHA Residencia is a low-cost housing society affordable for all government employees and the general public.

A non-refundable membership fee of rupees 10,000 is applicable for public other than government employees and rupees 5000 for government employees including Federal and Provincial employees of the Government. Payment of membership fee should be paid through the demand drafts for both government employees and the general public. Government employees can apply for the following categories;

  • The first category includes a scale of 1 to 15 can apply for unit size of 25×50.
  • The second category includes a scale of 16 to 17 can apply for unit size of 30×60.
  • The third category includes a scale of 18 to 19 can apply for unit size of 40×80.
  • The fourth category includes a scale of 20 to 22 can apply for unit size of 50×90.

The general public can fill membership for any of the above categories.

Government employees are able to apply for a single category only. However, others are allowed to apply for more than one category by filling separate application forms and paying separate membership fees.

  • Widows of the above-mentioned employees shall be able to apply in the name of their deceased spouses.
  • Army and civil forces may also apply for membership in the category of federal government employee quota.

Payment may also be made through pay order in the name of PHA. The online submission shall be made in the following way;

The form shall be filled after logging on to the www.pha.gov.pk. When the form is filled a print shall be obtained of the form which is just filled. The pay order or the draft which the govt. employees shall make as accorded in the instructions shall be attached to this printed copy of the form shall be sent to this address; PHA-F, Ground Floor, Shaheed-e-Millat Secretariat, China Chowk, Blue Area, Islamabad.

For candidates not having the above facility shall submit the online form and note the number of forms as displayed on the form, before submitting it to the PHA.

For candidates who are not literate, they are allowed to fill the form by hand before submitting it to the authority.

Membership is open for both commercial and non-commercial plots so even if you are a commercial buyer then you may also find it suitable for the prosperity of your business and promising profits in the future at a very affordable price. This is such an affordable plan with all the best facilities which a person can imagine in a good housing venture.

Project plan

The project is in its development process. The work is in the process which will compete soon in near future. The society is planning to provide with wide roads and the underground system of the electricity and water supply for the residents. The developers are also planning to make the society a gated community and will provide a safe and sound security system.

Who wouldn’t want a home in such a society so take benefit of the offer as the application of membership shall be accepted till 30th April 2020? All such facilities shall be provided to every home in the society be it reserved for a government employee or the general public.


The project has been developed by the Pakistan Housing Authority Foundation which is Ministry of Housing and Works for Government of Pakistan whose honorable Chairman is Mr. Tariq Basher Cheema and the secretary is Mr. Imran Zeb khan and CEO is Mr. Tariq Rashid and Provincial Housing Authority with Mr. Amjad as the Minister for housing and Mr. Dawood as Secretary housing and Mr. Imran Wazir as Director-General and Syed Muhammad Ilyas Shah as Director head Quarter, formed under an act as an executing arm of the department.

Among many other projects, the above authorities have also launched PHA Residencia Peshawar which shows the surety of the wellness of the given projects in the light of other successful projects.

Features and Facilities

Features of any society make it good or bad. There are many features of this society which makes it elegant and unique from others. Following are the features of this society:

  • Society has parks.
  • There are commercial plots for sale.
  • Schools.
  • Mosque.
  • Underground water supply.
  • Underground electricity supply.
  • Electricity connections.
  • Gated community.
  • Wide roads.
  • Low-cost housing scheme.
  • Quotas for different people.
  • The safe medium of payment for membership.
  • Online submission of application.
  • Commercial markets.
  • Security system.

The above-mentioned features of society make it comfortable and a high-class society in contrast to other societies. Who wouldn’t want a home in such a society where you have not to worry about the electricity connection, where you can play in parks where the education facility is available near your home where the environment is so much clean and tidy and also provides you with security and safety and all these main features in an affordable price as promised by the developers. However, society is in its development phase and shall provide other essential facilities to its residents.

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