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Naval Anchorage Islamabad Featured Image

A housing scheme backed by Pakistan Naval Force in Islamabad. Pakistan Navy Housing Scheme has initiated Naval Anchorage Islamabad late in 1989. This is a non-profit organization that was developed for the families of Pak Navy officers and employees and the families of Shuhada’s of Navy.

The trend of offering a devoted housing network to an explicit range of people is getting prevalent in the country and Naval Anchorage Islamabad is one of them. It is a luxurious, developed, and affordable housing venture that will give affordable living to the people of the city. The major benefit given to the residents is the free right to transfer ownership. It means the allottee can easily transfer the right of ownership to another person without any effort.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The project has been arranged on the belief of giving a pure healthier existing place rather than making it a mixed-use by developing a commercial body as other projects do. The most remarkable feature of the project is its location that works as an icing on the cake for the project. Naval Anchorage is sited on Kahuta Road on the eastern side of Islamabad Highway opposite Soan Garden Islamabad. The aggregate territory incorporates into the plan is 3677 Kanal where around 1339 private plots are a piece of it.

Further the project has two phases I & II, both are highly developed schemes. Phase 1 offers distinctive sizes of private plots that incorporate 125 sq yards, 350 sq yards, 500 sq yards, and 1000 sq yards while phase 2 offers private plots of 500 sq yards and few options of developed Commercial Plots.

NESPAK National Engineering Services Pakistan has keenly designed this project. And it is one of the highly advanced and profitable housing ventures in Islamabad and a secured investment choice because it is approved by CDA.

Location Map

Naval Anchorage gives you the best address of Islamabad which doesn’t only give you beautiful scenic views outside the will give ease of access to the key areas of the city. The project is located in the best area of the city at Kahuta Road on the eastern part of Islamabad Highway at the opposite of which is Soan Garden Islamabad.

By closely viewing the map you can see that it is found in Zone-V of the capital at 10 minutes away from Islamabad International Airport. The Zero Point is just 20 km away from the housing society.

The Police College Sihala is 2 minutes away from the project while Capital University of Science and Technology can be reached by covering a distance of only 10 minutes. Islamabad Expressway is just 5 minutes away from this marvelous venture. The location is highly urbane and modern and is surrounded by housing schemes, commercial plazas, and buildings, universities, and colleges giving the people an easy approach to living comforts.

Payment Plan

The Naval Anchorage Islamabad is the largest housing venture in the city that offers plots at very affordable rates but currently, the prices are getting higher due to increasing demand. As I have previously told you the project has 2 phases termed Phase I and its extension. The widest range of 1000 square yards, 500 square yards, 350 square yards, 125 square yards, 100 square yards, 200 square yards, and 250 square yards plots will be available to the naval families.

Now I will tell you the procedure for applying. To apply for the plot the member first needs to get registered with the society and they can register either in Category A (officers of grade 18 & above) or in Category B (all other navy employees and the individual who wants to transfer their property rights to other). After getting registered in any of the above categories you will apply for the desired plot. The payment procedure will carry on after balloting. For further information about prices of the plots and installment schedule please make a call to the representatives of Jaga.pk.

Project Plan

We know that Pakistan Navy is a very well-known and reputable organization that is now serving its people with the best living facilities. The project has a total land area of 3677 Kanal out of which 1339 Kanal land has been allocated for plots. The housing venture was delivered in two phases i.e. Naval Anchorage-I & Naval Anchorage-II (Extension of phase-I).

Both phases are further divided into different sectors. Phase-I is planned to provide 1000 square yards, 500 square yards, 350 square yards, 125 square yards, 100 square yards, 200 square yards, and 250 square yards residential plots and few commercial plots. Phase-II is offering the people 500 square yards plots with few options of commercial plots.

Both the phases are developed where thousands of families are residing and hundreds of new houses are in the construction phase. There is society’s own medical college named Naval Anchorage Medical Center. The Bahria Education Center, primary and Montessori schools, commercial centers, shopping malls, sports complexes, underground PTC connections, underground electricity, and much more will be part of the housing scheme. Millions of lush green trees and landscapes will give the residents a refreshing and peaceful day and night.


Pakistan Navy Benevolent Association has developed this housing venture in Islamabad. It is a government body that has planned to provide its employees and their families with affordable luxury living places. They have presented 4 projects under the umbrella of Naval Anchorage in Karachi, Gwadar, Lahore, and Islamabad. The Navy association has provided all the amenities and modern facilities in the project that are pre-requisites for comfortable living. Naval Anchorage is one of the best and the most profitable housing scheme in Islamabad.

Facilities and Amenities

  • State of the art and highly modern infrastructure
  • Water, gas and electricity supply
  • PTCL and Wifi Connections
  • Highly modern security installations
  • Modern sewerage system
  • Wide main and internal roads
  • Sports complex
  • Community center
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