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The first gated housing society in the city of Khushab. Offering all the security measures within the community, this housing scheme has become the only reliable and worth living society that has a boundary wall and an entrance gate. This project spans over 50 acres and features residential plots with all the essential amenities required for contemporary community living. This makes it Khushab’s most engaging investment opportunity, opening up new avenues for both local and foreign investors.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

It is a response to the high potential offered by city’s largely unexplored land market, and could be a well-planned public housing venture which is situated within the heart of the city with all the commercial areas, educational institutions and medical healthcare facilities in close proximity. Its development is almost completed meaning that it’ll soon be fully ready for possession and inhabitation.

Model City Khushab offers unique home environment where you can enjoy a new life with all the modern life facilities. A temperate climate, natural beauty & a relaxed lifestyle makes this project a dream place. It is a perfect choice for your dream home as it offers a new high-end residential and commercial plots.

Below are some details about the project, its location, features, types of houses, payment plan of the community along with other information that will help you decide why this would be a good option for you to live in.

Location Map

When it comes to buying a property and living, there are few things that are of concern and location is one of the top concerns for anyone who is looking to relocate. Model City is situated right within the center of the dual cities of Khushab and Jauharabad. This urban locality, around four hours far from Lahore and just three hours far from Faisalabad, offers ample untapped potential to explore.

Its location is additionally ideal for variety of other reasons as it is really near to some of the most important places and local markets in the city i.e. it is 1 minute from Arid University Khushab, 2 minutes from Main Bazar, 2 minutes from Larri Adda, 2 minutes from Larri Adda, Jauharabad, 2 minutes from Main Bazar Jauharabad and 2 minutes from Rescue 1122 office.

It can be an excellent opportunity for builders and investors to take advantage of the chance to purchase a house or plot in this community either for living purposes or to make a secure investment to get the guaranteed profit.

Payment Plan

Mode City offers the most affordable prices, either you are going to buy a plot here or a house or any commercial property they provide the best prices. Not only this, the installment plan is also made keeping in view the ease of the buyers. The area is expected to be the next hub of Khushab, ensuring your investment would have high returns.

The total area spans over 50 acres and features residential plots with all the essential amenities required for modern community living. The housing scheme offers a variety of residential and commercial property options for both genuine buyers and investors. These span over 3,000 Marlas, with the plot cuttings divided into plots of different sizes i.e. 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 12 Marla, 15 Marla and 18 Marla. This suggests that a good range of families with varying property needs can easily utilize these plots to make their homes.

  • 5 Marla plot comes at a price of PKR 2,200,000, and offers a 24-month installment of PKR 50,417 each month.
  • 7 Marla plot comes at a price of PKR 3,080,000, and offers a 24-month installment of PKR 70,583 each month.
  • 10 Marla plot comes at a price of PKR 4,400,000, and offers a 24-month installment of PKR 100,833 each month.
  • 12 Marla plot comes at a price of PKR 5,280,000, and offers a 24-month installment of PKR 121,000 each month.
  • 15 Marla plot comes at a price of PKR 6,600,000, and offers a 24-month installment of PKR 151,250 each month.
  • 18 Marla plot comes at a price of PKR 7,920,000, and offers a 24-month installment of PKR 181,500 each month.

For all the property, 30% is the down payment and society offers 2 years installment plan.

Residential Plots Price Schedule

Sr No Size 25% Down Payment 24 Monthly Installment 15% On Possession Total Amount
1 5-Marla 660,000 50,417 330,000 2,200,000
2 7-Marla 924,000 70,583 462,000 3,080,000
3 10-Marla 1,320,000 100,833 660,000 4,400,000
4 12-Marla 1,584,000 121,000 792,000 5,280,000
5 15-Marla 1,980,000 151,250 990,000 6,600,000
6 18-Marla 2,3760,000 181,500 1,188,000 7,920,000

Project Plan

One of the most main important plan of this housing scheme is to provide its residents with a life never experienced before. The project will bring investors, futuristic infrastructure, and opulent environment for people that wish to experience the high-end living experience. The project will contain luxury houses of assorted sizes as mentioned in above section.

The entrance is an enormous way that welcomes the people to a beautifully built housing scheme, it has a 100 feet wide road followed by green belt in the center. The 11 Marla plots are in the very beginning of the society, with a few 12 Marla plots as well facing towards the main boulevard. As you follow the main boulevard there is a public building, a grand mosque, commercial area and a park all located on the first main roundabout of the society. There are total 3 parks in the whole society.

All the other plots are beautifully located in different blocks with a square cutting. A graveyard is also situated in the last end of the society. Thus, this mega project has all the essentials within its boundary and the residents do not have to step out in search of anything.


Model City Khushab is a project of Ali Estate Developer – an excellent venture by Malik Atta Thaheem, a renowned name in the real estate industry of the area. This company consists of a team of well-trained experts who will ensure that each and every aspect of town is worth speaking of. These experts have left no stone unturned in planning this society in such a way that it can easily compare to some of the best localities all over Pakistan.

With all the benefits and facilities that it provides to its residents, there’s a great opportunity for the investors too to invest here. What else can you dream of when you have all the facilities under one roof.


The vision of this innovative project is to present the most up to date and international standards of living in Pakistan. Model City is laid out in an elegant manner, with underground electrification and even an underground water filtration system. Its wide carpeted roads also have an efficient sewerage disposal system under them, resulting in a neat layout.

Here are the features that this wonderful housing scheme has to offer:

  • 24-hour security.
  • Camera surveillance.
  • Parks, lakes, and hills.
  • Fully Functional Health Center with 24/7 facilities.
  • Community office.
  • For life repair and maintenance.
  • Sweet Water Facility.
  • Professional property management.
  • Premium standard planning & Construction Commercial Area.
  • Eco Friendly.
  • Grand Jamia Masjid.
  • Sui Gas.
  • Electric Power Supply.
  • Ready for possession.
  • Parks and play area.
  • 35 – 40 – 50 – 60 Feet wider roads.
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