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Gujranwala is one of the largest industrial hubs of the country as well as the 3rd largest city of Punjab. The city also enjoys the third rank in being an industrial estate in Pakistan. A few years ago, the city was not so developed, the infrastructure and other civil work were not properly done in the city.

That was the cause that people do not like to dwell in Gujranwala instead of knowing that it is a commercial and industrial hub for them. There are millions of earning opportunities and many of the famous industries of Pakistan have their setups in Gujranwala. But individuals hesitate to live here due to the non-available of sound infrastructure and other living amenities.

Location Map
Project Plan

At the same time in other cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, etc. the real estate sectors showed a great improvement where the greatest contribution was made by different land developers who have introduced several residential as well as commercial projects by utilizing the idle land areas they have to raise the standard of their cities.

They have not only developed the residential sector but also improved the commercial sector by providing state-of-the-art commercial buildings, Plazas, and multi-malls where they installed international standard facilities thus making the individuals more comfortable while doing business, or having some time for leisure.

From the last 6 years, Gujranwala has gained great attention and has made almost 44% developments in terms of infrastructure which attracted millions of people to reside here and have their business. So keeping the great pace of development in Gujranwala Super Asia Group of Pakistan has presented an excellent business Place by introducing Mall of Gujranwala.

It is the best-ever opportunity to expand and grow your business as well as a one-stop shopping center of Gujranwala. Situated at one of the central and most strategic locations of town MOG will prove an excellent investment opportunity to grow your business at new heights of success.

The project is offering numerous shops for doing your retail and other business and the best thing is that the shops are available for rent. The project is a live display where you will have a luxurious and most memorable shopping experience you never had before. Here at MOG, you will have all from local and international clothing brands to food courts, display shops, and recreational areas.

So I would say that the Mall of Gujranwala is an all-in-one shopping destination that will add more charm to your exclusive lifestyle by offering a high-class shopping experience accomplished with world-class features and installations.

The developers of the project have constructed the mall by keeping in view the comfort of both their staff as well as the visitors and have provided numerous exceptional amenities and conveniences to make your shopping more enjoyable and comfortable.

So what says isn’t it exciting to have so many brands of cloths, the largest number of food corners and restaurants, coffee shops, display centers, and recreational areas of your choice under one roof. The MOG has it all from Groceries to clothing to footwear to other accessories, so it’s time to cheerio to the trouble of skipping from shop to shop to buy your necessities and fasten your seat belts to rush to the greatest shopping destination of Gujranwala to experience an exciting shopping and entertainment doze.

Location Map

The Mall of Gujranwala is situated in the central area of the city which is directly connected to all main areas of the town. This biggest landmark of the city is found to stand on Grand Trunk Road Gujranwala near Qazi Town. The developers have very cleverly chosen the central location of the city which can be easily accessed from any area. So, people, you don’t need to travel far or to other cities for shopping and entertainment because you will have all within your city. The important destinations of town are located nearby few of them are listed below:

  • Haji Murad Eye Trust Hospital is located at 9 minutes away from MOG.
  • G Magnolia Park Housing Society is a few minutes drive away.
  • Gujranwala-Sialkot Bypass is found at the distance of 8km from the Mall.
  • Gujranwala-Sheikhupura Road is located at a drive of approximately 12 minutes.
  • Upper Chenab canal is found at the drive of 10 minutes from the site where the well-known canal view housing is situated.

Project Plan

The Mall of Gujranwala will be the best business spot and shopping and entertainment hub the city ever had. The most amazing thing about the mall is that it has been designed in Victorian Architecture. The building of the mall consists of four floors including a basement, ground floor, first & second floor with separate parking area. The Basement of the mall has an area ranging between 5.6 Marla to 13.3 Marla, the first & ground floor range from 3.1 to 15.6 Marla, and the 2nd floor covers 8.9 Marla to 15.6 Marla land area.

The mall will be offering different sizes for opening retail shops, outlets and all local and international brands, grocery stores, accessories shops, coffee shops & cafes, food court, a 3D cinema, kids play area, and much more all under one roof with all the modern facilities and amenities. The entire mall will be connected with stairs, escalators, passenger lifts, and cargo lifts.


The Super Asia Group is the developer of the project. Super Asia is one of the oldest brands which was introduced in the year 1975. They have started their business by introducing home appliances like washing machines after that they entered into many other services industries and now they put their feet into the real estate sector. Today Super Asia Group is one of the most trusted, loyal, and well-recognized brand names in the country.

They have first presented Mian Muhammad Din Trust Hospital in Gujranwala city to contribute to the social welfare of the people. After they constructed many of the famous Mosques all across the country and their next landmark Project is the Mall of Gujranwala.

The basic aim of the developer is to give their customer satisfaction with the quality and innovative techniques yet on the stipulated time. Every product is made with quality at an affordable price whether it is a machine or a shop or any other product. The CEO of the firm says that their priority is their clients therefore first they understand their needs and that make products with the integration of the newest technology and best in class research facilities.


The visitors, staff, and the business person here will have a bulk of associated facilities here at MOG with international standard installations.

  • There you will be served with an uninterrupted shopping and entertainment time as it has been installed with a 24/7 power generation system.
  • The entire mall has been connected with high-speed elevators, stairs, escalators, cargo & passenger lifts, etc.
  • Every floor of the mall has been designed with open spaces and sitting areas.
  • There will be 2 lane parking with valet parking facility and spacious car parking.
  • Kids play area with gaming zone.
  • Now you will enjoy one of the safest and secure shopping with an updated security system and 24/7 security surveillance.
  • Food Courts will be there serving you a range of eateries including continental, Thai, Chinese, and Asian fusion.
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