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Located in the capital city of Pakistan, and is situated on Adyala road near Soan River. The best option for you and your family to make their dream home in society. They offer you the best price plans that are easily affordable for peoples according to their own capacity. The Islamabad Residencia Housing Society offers you a golden chance to buy a plot in your dreamland. There are residential as well as commercial plots at very affordable prices and easy installments. The project is not yet completed so this is the only time to get your plot with pre-launch rates. Society is going to be a huge project and a very charming place to live.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

For business purposes, there is no need to worry, you can buy a commercial plot and start your business as the location is very ideal and appealing so it will be very generous for the business and the businessman. Society will provide you an elite and a lavish lifestyle with unmatchable facilities and features. You will not feel like living in the old styled area because there is every possible facility for the residents with modern and royal touch in the society.

Giving you each and every possible facility, it is also their responsibility to keep you secure and that’s why there is high-security management staff in the society. You can do your booking online and can also visit their main office in Islamabad.

Here are some glimpses of its location, features, payment plan, and project plan which make it easy for you to decide why it will be a good option for:

Location Map

Islamabad Residencia is located on the Main Adyala Road, Rawalpindi. The location is one of the most important things when you choose a place to live. Society is getting in touch with the Soan River which makes the view and the location of the society more pleasant. Vocational Training Institute Adyala is on the side of society. Dar E Arqam School is also within easy reach of the community and many other institutes are nearby the society.

The housing scheme is situated in an ideal location and is nearby Adyala providing an excellent view. You will have easy access to the popular landmarks in Islamabad and to the places worth visiting. The main area in which this town is located is Dhok Bawa. This area also links the Abid Basti and Gorakhpur that are well-known areas and are so close to society.

Payment Plan

When it comes the time for the payment, everyone becomes a little bit more sensible. That’s why Islamabad Residencia offers you the best prices as low as possible that anyone can afford easily. You can buy residential and commercial plots at very low prices for your business and residential purpose with easy payment and a reasonable installment plan. This is the only thing that attracts and fascinates you to buy a plot in this charming society of your dreams.

The processing fee for the plots of 3.5 Marla, 5 Marla, and 20×40 commercial plot is only PKR 10,000.

  • For the 3.5 Marla plot, the down payment is only PKR 122,500 and the allocation fee is also PKR 122,500 only. The confirmation fee of your plot will be PKR 122,500. The monthly installment for the 3.5 Marla plot is PKR 437,500 and the half-yearly installment is PKR 420,000. The total amount for the 3.5 Marla plot will be PKR 1,250,000 only.
  • For the 5 Marla plot, the down payment is PKR 175,000/- and the allocation fee is also 175,000 only. The confirmation fee of your 5 Marla plot is PKR 175,000/-. The monthly installment is PKR 625,000 and the half-yearly installment is PKR 600,000/- only. The total amount is PKR 1,750,000.
  • For a 20×40 commercial plot down payment is only PKR 350,000/- and the allocation fee is also PKR 350,000. For the confirmation, the fee is PKR 350,000. The monthly installment is only PKR 950,000 and the half-yearly installment is PKR 1,500,000. The total for 20×40 comm. will be only PKR 3,500,000.

You can start your booking with only a 10% Down payment and it’s a golden opportunity to make your home in such a reasonable price plan. They offer you the best and affordable 30 monthly’ installment plan. For the plots on the main road of the society and in the special corners 10% extra charges will be charged no matter the plot is residential or commercial. There is one more facility for their customer to make them feel relax in payment is there will be a 10% discount on the full payment of the plot and 5% discount on the half payment of the plot.

Project Plan

The developers of the property aim to provide the best possible facilities and proficiency to you. The society is on such a main location that the access to everything such as Shopping centers and popular landmarks is very easy for you and this is the most important thing noticed when choosing a place to live a relaxing and pleasant life. Portray of the society is elegantly designed. The structure of the society has a modern and luxurious touch that you will not feel like living in an old-styled area.

In the property, every block is assembled in such a sophisticated and rare style that will make you feel safe and secure. Every block and street covers an equal area of the property and the commercial plots are on an immense area. Providing the people, a huge number of facilities, and a lavish lifestyle makes this project divergent and unique from others.


Islamabad Residencia is a project of ZAR BUILDERS and DEVELOPERS (Pvt) Ltd. The developers have worked on many successful projects and are working for many years. The group of developers is one of the most experienced in the capital. This group of developers has made a dream of society come true by their consistency and hard work on this project. Now it is so easy for anyone to have a luxurious lifestyle in this community with the help of these developers.


Islamabad Residencia Housing Scheme provides the best features and facilities that not every housing society in Rawalpindi-Islamabad can provide at such a reasonable price. They offer the best services and more facilities to make you feel relax. Some of the important features are highlighted below:

  • Society is gated and fenced from all sides.
  • Tennis court, fitness center, fishing, and places for live sports events.
  • Water parks, family parks, and children parks in society for residents.
  • Availability of pure and clean water.
  • Mosque in the society.
  • 24 hours’ security guarantee.
  • Carpeted and clean roads.
  • Transportation service will also be available in society.
  • A beautiful and hilly area with an amazing mountain view.
  • 24 hours’ police and fire brigade service.
  • Availability of Sui-gas in society.
  • 24 hours’ electricity available.
  • Shopping center near the society.
  • Ideal location.
  • Bank within a society.
  • School and college nearby the society.
  • CCTV cameras on main areas and outside the property, 24 hours’ security.
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