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A housing scheme of the highest luxury and peace, a housing association equipped with all necessary living facilities. Nowadays people are attempting to seek out improvement in their lifestyle and luxury in their life. And most importantly, they’re trying to seek out residencies to make their life so beautiful.

In times of need when people seek such things, there are only some providers and so people who are providing it don’t seem to be up to the mark that the people don’t seem to be happy with their performance. All of those things are taken into the consideration.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

But here at Islamabad Golf City, all these aspects are kept into consideration. It is a top-notch luxury project that’s enriched with modern life facilities and follows international standards when it involves living. It’s sort of a dream community to measure which has all the fundamental and opulent facilities for its residents and if you’re trying to find an investment where you’re looking within the right place obviously.

The developers kept everything very accurate while functioning on this project in order that everyone can enjoy a healthy lifestyle having plenty of facilities. The architectural design of this housing scheme is extremely ravishing, per the recent trends which captivate a huge number of individuals.

It’ll become one of all the foremost and magnificent projects in Islamabad having all sorts of modern facilities, security, and amenities.

Golf City Islamabad is a top-grade luxury project with trading and novelty. In a metropolis, it’s the foremost commercial project from its construction to its site. It’s sort of a dream community to measure which has all the essential and splendid facilities for its residents and if you’re trying to find an investment where you’re looking within the right place as expected.

Here are a few details of its features, location, and payment plan which make it easy for you to choose why it’ll be the most suitable choice for you.

Location Map

Location is one of the most things that attract the attention of the buyers when they are trying to find a house, plot, or advertisement business as it affects life in many ways. But after we speak about Islamabad Golf City, there’s no worry about the placement because it is found at one of the foremost ideal locations within the region.

This project is situated on Islamabad International Airport Exit (Thalian) interchange Lahore-Islamabad Motorway M2. It is a gated community with the most recent innovative security system providing you peace of mind with a 24/7 secure environment and is easily accessible through your smartphone. Furthermore, the realm is already surrounded by several newly launched housing societies.

Payment Plan

Offering the simplest residential and commercial properties, Golf City is a mega housing venture in Islamabad. Not only the properties, but it’ll be a project with everything anyone can dream for. Brilliant city planning and modern developments add more value and charm to the present venture. this may be a project like Capital Smart City.

Prices are one of all the major concerns of anyone who thinks of shopping for a property in such an opulent housing scheme. The developers present a really reasonable payment and pliable installment plans. It’s established with very unique and up to date trends while immolating every sort of ease to people.

The identical job is completed when the payment plan is assembled. It’s very flexible where ownership is given in an exceedingly very easy manner.

Islamabad Golf City is offering a number of the simplest properties to satisfy the requirements of buyers and investors. It’s a project with 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Also, commercial plots of various sizes will soon be available in it. Besides these plots, this project also develops with some best multi-purpose projects where you’ll get the possibility to shop for apartments and shops purchasable.

It’s a brand new and developing project. So, both the residential and commercial properties are available in installments. The payment plans of those properties don’t seem to be yet announced. However, it’s clear that each one of those plots are available in installments of three years or five years.

Project Plan

The project is designed in a way to provide every niche of living. It contains residential plots, commercial plots, and many more facilities. Plots of different sizes i.e. 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential plots. Also, the commercial plots of different sizes will soon be available in it. Besides these plots, this project also develops with some best multi-purpose projects where you will get the chance to buy apartments and shops for sale.

The project is one of the real estate projects of Islamabad due to its prime location; provision of all modern amenities and state of art planning. It is an ideal place for property investment and authorizing a business in Islamabad.


The developers of the Islamabad Golf City housing scheme have delivered a number of remarkable projects within the past moreover and are targeted on delivering measurable and quantifiable marketing and advertising results.

They have introduced a number of the foremost promising and outstanding projects within the previous few years and this project is additionally one in every one of their top tiers. Yes, we like to be creative too, but we are more obsessive about knowing that it delivers results and this project.

About the talents that they need and therefore the technology they’re using is that the latest one and therefore the staff they’re greatly qualified and also skilled that the things have gotten along o.k. and that they are complimenting one another and during this is showing the results.

This makes them the competitive one within the field and this is often how there’s a surety for you guys that each one of the items is in safe hands and your life goes to urge a treat during this aspect. All you wish to grasp is that if you’re visiting make an investment here you’ll not regret it and the same is the sayings of the people that already own house there.

Features and Facilities

Islamabad Golf City provides prominent features to its residents including all modern life facilities and basic necessities as well. Basically known for its fascinating and attractive, evergreen environment. It is fully equipped with all the facilities of modern-day to day use.

  • State of the Art Infrastructure.
  • Gated Community and Boundary Wall.
  • Best Security and Surveillance.
  • Properties Available in Different Sizes.
  • Prices are Affordable as well as with Payment Plans.
  • Parks as well as Play Areas for Kids.
  • Hospital and also Education Facilities.
  • Carpeted Roads and Green Belts.
  • Walled, Gated, and properly guarded community.
  • Electricity and Sui Gas system.
  • Wide main entrance that provides an eye-catching view.
  • Community Centre fulfilling all your needs.
  • Sports complex with different indoor and outdoor gaming.
  • Club and community center for the adults.
  • Maintenance Staff to make sure everything is maintained and in working condition.
  • A well-built sewerage system.
  • 24/7 security and camera surveillance.
  • Sui Gas supply.
  • Access to medical care and services 24/7.
  • Schools built to ensure that your children get a standard education.
  • Hospitals with 24/7 emergency services.
  • Shopping Malls with all the facilities and brands under one roof.
  • Restaurants providing you with quality food.
  • Public Transport Service.
  • Community’s Grand Mosque.
  • Water filtration plants.
  • Carpeted roads.
  • Community’s Gymnasium.
  • Community’s Graveyard.
  • 24/7 clean and safe drinking water.
  • Lush green parks and children play area.
  • Sports ground with jogging tracks.
  • Markets, schools, and a central square mosque.
  • Community Center.
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