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Globbiz Avenue Gwadar Feature Image

GlobBiz Avenue is a new mixed-use project launched by Gwadar Builders and Associates, in the land of opportunities. Gwadar has truly been all the rage and has turned as a hub of investment and a center of world trade after the progression of CPEC. Being the largest seaport, the city contributes a lot to the development of the economy of Pakistan by generating huge returns through trade and other investments.

The government has declared it as a tax-free zone. Investors from all over the world are taking keen interest to invest in Gwadar instead China has invested a large portion here. So, after China’s interest, the city has become a profit-making backbone and huge financial center which has dragged a lot of businesses and investors all over the world.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

Moreover, Gwadar is considered a beautiful beach city of Pakistan situated on the sea-shore of the Arabian Sea having the stunning colors of life. According to me, the above-discussed factors are the reason behind the boom of the property market in Gwadar from the last few years. So, to further enhance the beauty of the master plan of the city, Gwadar Builders has decided to introduce Globiz Avenue an awe-inspiring residential cum commercial and leisure project with the sea-breeze area at the A+ location. The most attractive thing about this housing society is that it is a GDA approved scheme thus providing guaranteed investment.

GlobBiz Avenue Gwadar is a stunningly designed housing scheme in the sea-breeze area and a commercial zone designed with ahead of its time technology to provide a range of business spaces, multinational offices, top-class hotels & motels with the longest beachfront on Balochistan Broadway. The entire project will feature with intercontinental standard living and development facilities and conveniences.

Location Map

Let’s move our talk towards location Map of the project which is the most important factor for investors, the Globiz Avenue housing scheme occupies the ideal and the most strategic location of the Gwadar Master Plan. The Project is situated on Gwadar West Bay extending towards Padi Zer Boulevard, Balochistan Broadway, and Marin Drive.

The location is ideal as it is the part of Master Plan of GDA and has proximity to Canadian City Gwadar, Jinnah Avenue, and Makran Coastal Highway. Further, examining the location map we can see that Globiz Avenue is sited in line with Balochistan Employees Cooperative Housing Scheme neighboring the Turbat University, Provincial Secretariat, and Sports & Cultural Complex.

Payment Plan

The project developers of Globiz Avenue Gwadar have offered a very convenient payment plan. The prices of both the residential and commercial plots are low thus providing extraordinary safe and fruitful investment opportunities to the people living all over the globe. The attractive thing about the project is that it grasps the largest commercial area in Gwadar than any other housing scheme ever providing. Phase IV of the project is specifically designed for commercial and recreational purposes. GlobBiz Avenue has the following offerings:

Commercial Plots

4 Marla at the rate of Rs. 30,000 per square yard.
2 Kanal on Balochistan Broadway at the rate of Rs. 40,000 per square yard.

The willing individuals can buy these available commercial options by paying 20% of the total price of the plot. The residual amount that is 80% of the cost will then be payable in 3 years installment plan where the developers are offering 2 options whether to pay monthly or quarterly. Now it’s up to you which option you will choose to pay your installments.

Residential Plots

The residential area has the following options of plots.

5 Marla (125 Sq. yards) @ 9,440 per Sq. yard
7 Marla (175 Sq. yards) @ 9,440 per Sq. yard
10 Marla (250 Sq. yards) @ 7,920 per Sq. yard
12 Marla (300 Sq. yards) @ 7,920 per Sq. yard
1 Kanal (500 Sq. yards) @ 6,960 per Sq. yard
2 Kanal (500 Sq. yards) @ 6,960 per Sq. yard
The buying procedure for residential is the same as for commercial plots which have been discussed above.

Plot Size Category Price/ sq yard Downpayment 35 Monthly Installments 2 Half Yearly Installments Total Price
5 Marla (125 sq yards) Residential 9,440 236,000 23,600 59,000 1,180,000
7 Marla (175 sq yards) Residential 9,440 330,400 33,040 82,600 1,652,000
10 Marla (250 sq yards) Residential 7,920 396,000 39,500 99,000 1,980,000
12 Marla (300 sq yards) Residential 7,920 475,200 47,520 118,800 2,376,000
1 Kanal (500 sq yards) Residential 6,960 696,000 69,600 174,000 3,480,000
2 Kanal (1000 sq yards) Residential 6,960 1,392,000 139,200 348,000 6,960,000
4 Marla (100 sq yards) Commercial 30,000 600,000 60,000 150,000 3,000,000
2 Kanal (1000 sq yards) Commercial 40,000 8,000,000 800,000 2,000,000 40,000,000
  • 10% extra charges for corner, park facing and wide boulevard.
  • There is 5% discount on 50% payment, 6% discount on 60% payment, 7% discount on 70% payment, 8% discount on 80% payment, 9% discount on 90% payment, and 10% discount on lump sum payment of plot.
  • Registration and documentation charges for residential plots are Rs.50/- per sq yard and Rs.500/ per sq yard for commercial plots. Registration and documentation charges are non-refundable.
  • The file will be issued on a 20% down payment.
  • These are only land charges. Development charges will be charged when required.

Project Plan

Globiz Avenue is spread over a large area of land divided into 4 phases where each phase has given name as Phase-I, Phase-II, Phase-III, and Phase-IV. The development work has been started and almost 80% development has been made in Phase- I, II & III. Phase-VI is now-a-day is center of attraction just because it consists of the largest commercial area with beach front-facing. Phase-IV is also GDA approved and is recently launched where development work is just started.

The commercial area will have high-rise buildings for national and international offices and businesses, hotels, and motels for recreation purposes and also has a link to beach resorts and other commercial areas of town. Furthermore, the project will be installed with every ultra-modern and outrun facility and amenity necessary for a successful living and business.

Here, the clients will be served with hundreds of commercial and residential plots with the option of 5 Marla, 7 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 & 2 Kanal (residential / living), and 4 Marla, 1 & 2 Kanal Commercial / recreational plots.


This most prestigious, appealing, and a mixed-use project named GlobBiz Avenue is triggered by a renowned Gwadar Builders and Associates. This housing society is their second tremendous project in the city of opportunities. The developers are a highly enthusiastic organization having a team of outstandingly brilliant experts, architectonics, town planners, construction developers, and viticulture planners. The authorities of Gwadar Builders and Associates have great involvement with coaction efforts to accomplish immaculateness and revolutionary perfection in every part of town planning.

Gwadar Builders and Associates is one of the eminent construction groups in Pakistan. The developers are sister concerned of GBA, the largest Pakistani real estate conglomerate comprising of highly venerable and incredibly far-famed organization dependably serves the best to their customers. GBA has vigorous stability in the field of business and industry but also holds a laudable position both locally and internationally.


  • Civic center
  • Large commercial area
  • Hotels and beach view resorts
  • Landscaping
  • Central commercial avenue
  • Availability of all utilities including water, Sui gas and electricity supply
  • A state of the art and thematic mosque
  • Recreational areas

After the above discussion, I would suggest you all invest in Globiz Avenue which will provide you huge returns on investments with a recreational and cozy living. So, don’t get late to avail this golden opportunity. Hurry up and call at mentioned numbers to book your plot or to get information. You can also visit our official website or Facebook page to get updated.

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