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Here I am with news regarding the new chapter of DHA. Yes, the Defence Housing Authority is going to launch soon in Quetta. This news has been spread all around the country but a little part of the information is revealed by authorities.

As we all know that DHA is an organization that formulated lodging schemes, keep up them, and give civil administrations in that region. Now they want to dispatch a new venture in Quetta which isn’t formally declared. Formerly Pakistan Armed force has offered Naval Anchorage Gwadar and now it’s their 2nd largest presentation in the Baluchistan province.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The housing venture was launched in April 2019. In a recent newspaper, the authorities have given an advertisement regarding the logo and motto of DHA which makes a clear sense that it will be a superior quality housing venture.

The Defence Housing Authority has been working vigorously for acquiring the land. However, it is not confirmed that how much land area is attained for the project. DHA Quetta will be a huge profit-making project that was quite popular among investors before its launch. I think it will be one of the most money-making projects in Baluchistan and will enhance the real estate value.

Location Map

With regards to looking for data about DHA, the official word is dependably the last word which can never be spilled before it is authoritatively declared. The information which we gathered through our sources tells us that the DHAQ land area can be found in the vicinity of the Airport. It is located at National Highway #25 (Quetta Road) Near Belili Railway Station and Malazi.

It was declared by Defence Housing Authority that they have obtained land in Mouza Quetta. Mouza or Mouzas consists of parts in Quetta associated with the land areas named NAUHISAR Circle, BALELI Circle, DURRANI-2 Circle, and KUCHLAK Circle. This is now the confirmed information as the actual location was revealed after the launch of DHAQ. Keep visiting Jaga.pk for updates.

Payment Plan

The payment plan is always the initial and the most important part of any real estate project because we always first see the prices before buying land and if the prices are affordable and the installment plan is flexible then it becomes more attractive for the investors and takes the project towards the success.

The sources gave us a little update that the initial rates had 20% of the down payment of the launching price where 1st down payment was 8% and the second was  12% with one month gap. Further information or idea about rates can be gathered by knowing the property rates in the vicinity of the projected location.

Project Plan

The project plan, the infrastructure, and other information are yet to receive by the authorities. And obviously, the development has been started after the launch of the DHA Quetta. However, it came to our knowledge that DHAQ will be a high-class and luxurious housing project that will not only change the living standard of the local residents but will also enhance the value of the land. Further the project will also be a center of attraction as it is located in Quetta which is a center of trade for different parts of the country and also has the fruitful advantage of CPEC.

Here the planning regarding the infrastructure will be carefully made keeping in view the construction standards of the Defence Housing Authority. Further, like other projects, this housing venture will also be installed with state-of-the-art and highly contemporary living facilities.


It is obvious that before we think to buy a particular land we take into account the many factors associated with it and one of them is the party behind the development of that property. And we prefer to buy the land from the firm which has reputed name and has developed the trust of people. And DHA is such a housing authority upon which we can easily believe as they are the name of quality, luxury, and convenience.

We all know very well that they have always been associated with developing the best and the unmatched. It always brings housing schemes with the vision to change and remodel the way of living of people in different cities of Pakistan so that we can make a better nation.

Facilities and Amenities

The DHA Quetta will obviously be a luxurious and contemporary housing venture like other ventures of the Housing Authority and will offer the same facilities that other projects provide. There will be

  • Theme park
  • Non-stop electricity supply
  • A mini-zoo will and kids play area
  • a beautiful community center for the personal and social gatherings
  • A delectated commercial area
  • Shopping mall
  • Highly equipped gymnasium
  • A central community park
  • Grand Masjid
  • Own medical complexes and colleges
  • International level chain of schools
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