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After the extensive phenomenal achievement in conveying best in class top-quality planned private and business Phases in Lahore, the outstanding Defense Housing Authority once again going to create an amazing venture DHA Multan at a staggering swiftness. Multan is called the city of saints. Also, it is a social city of Southern Punjab situated on the bank of the Chenab River.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

For the last ten years, the city has exhibited a huge amount of improvement and at the present time, Multan has changed a lot. The Metro adventure in the city has also been completed. Additionally, all new motorway schemes are directly associated with the city making it more deliberate.

The city is now has converted to be a great commercial hub so the number of occupants in the city is extending disastrously. However, there is no organized and developed housing society in the town like the remarkable undertaking DHA Lahore. So, the organizers have initiated a new well-organized and equipped residential and business contrive for the people of praised place with the title DHA Multan.

The project was launched in 2014 and became word of mouth among the investors and dealers. To increase the benefits financial specialists started purchasing plots before launching at low costs. The linage of sale and purchase of plots was started after the launch of the scheme and continues till now.

The Defense Housing Authority has kicked the enhancement of the society from sector A to further expansion on the basis of excess demand for land from the people. They have increased the land area and expanded the master plan to different phases and sectors. This housing venture is an expected land development project by Defense Housing Authorities situated at one of the ideal and fruitful locations of the town.

At the initial stage, you will be given 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal residential plots and commercial plots of 4 Marla and 8 Marla at affordable rates. The developers have given you a very convenient and easy payment plan so you people don’t need to worry about the payment of installments. It gives you an extraordinary endeavor opportunity that will give you higher returns in the near future. Now I will tell you about the location and installment plan in detail.

Location Map

I know you people are getting crazy to know about the exact location of the housing society. DHA is one of the leading housing authorities so the organizers try to choose the most promising location in the town. In the case of DHA Multan, the developers have selected the central location on the map of the city.

The most easily accessible address has been assigned for this housing scheme on Bosan Road. It is one of the promising and easy to approach sites in Multan which is surrounded by the biggest commercial, educational, residential, and health centers.

The Project is situated at the drive of 10 minutes away from ISP Multan. Shaikh-e Madina Road is the widest and central Road of Multan which passes nearby the project. If you see it on Google map it will be clear to you that DHA is actually found on the edge of Education Avenue Road.

Bahauddin Zikriya University can be easily approached in 15 minutes while coming from Education Avenue Road towards the left. Multan Bypass Road and Multan Public School Road also have the shortest distance from the project.

Payment Plan

The payment plan is very affordable for investors. The offerings of DHA Multan are available on the easy payment procedure. At the initial stage, only 1 Kanal file was offered for sale, later on, developers have issued 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, and 2 Kanal files to the general public.

At initial balloting, more than 300,000 people applied for plots. The official booking of plots was announced at the start of 2017 while balloting was held somewhere in the middle of 2017. to apply for a plotting download application form from the official website of DHA. Take a hard copy of the form and duly fill it. Attach the NIC and necessary documents and bank deposit slip of processing fee. (Processing fee is nonrefundable and varies according to the size of plot). Submit the form along with the bank draft of the deposit slip in the bank.

  • The processing fee of 5 Marla Plot is Rs. 5000/-, Down Payment is 200,000/- and the cost is Rs. 20,00,000/-
  • The processing fee of 8 Marla Plot is Rs. 7000/-, Down Payment is Rs. 300,000/- and the cost is 30,00,000/-
  • The processing fee of 10 Marla Plot is Rs. 9000/-, Down Payment is Rs. 350,000/- and the cost is Rs. 35,00,000/-
  • The processing fee of 1 Kanal Plot is Rs. 11000/-, Down Payment is Rs. 6,80,000/- and the cost is Rs. 68,00,000/-
  • The processing fee of 2 Kanal Plot is Rs. 15000/-, Down Payment is Rs. 13,00,000/- and the cost is Rs13,000,000 /-
  • The processing fee of 4 Marla Commercial Plot is Rs. 15000/-, Down Payment is Rs. 17,50,000/- and the cost is Rs. 17,500,000/-
  • The processing fee of 4 Marla Commercial Plot is Rs. 15000/-, Down Payment is Rs. 17,50,000/- and the cost is Rs. 17,500,000/-

Project Plan

DHA Multan is the biggest project in the city of saints that will serve the residential, commercial needs of thousands of individuals at an affordable package. At the initial stage, the project was proposed to be developed on the land area of 3200 acres but after seeing the increasing demand of the investors the developers expanded the area of the housing venture to 9000 Acres.

Phase-I was launched with complete development and now they have launched Extension of Phase-I. Furthermore, the project is also divided into sectors named Sector A, B, C & Sector D. The sector D will consist of beautiful Villas of 6 Marla, 9 Marla, and 12 Marla. There will be a grand event complex, Askari Housing, and DHA Nursery in the master plan of the project.

The Phase-I of DHA Multan offers residential plots of 5 Marla, 8 Marla, and 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, 2 Kanal, and commercial options are also available in sizes of 4 and 8 Marla on easy terms of Installments. The Phase-I of the project is completely developed and possession will soon be given to the landholders as the balloting will be done. Here you will have all the basic to contemporary state-of-the-art conveniences and features.

The Phase-I Extension has been recently launched. It is the result of the high demand of the people for land for both investment and living purposes. The development work in Phase-I Extension is continued and will soon be completed. Here the investors will be served with both commercial and residential options.


Defence Housing Authority Multan is a well-recognized and famous name in the country which has built strong goodwill in the world of real estate by offering remarkable ventures all over the country. It is the largest housing society that has changed the way of life of the people. In every of their housing venture, they try to give an urbanized and arranged living by increasing the living standards of the people.

There is to construct modern designs of houses with quality and ultra-modern civilities and features. In this way, they have increased the prices of land in Pakistan both at the national and international levels. Precisely saying Defence Housing Authority has reshaped the way of living of the people in Pakistan.

Features and Facilities

The DHA Multan is a modern and contemporary housing venture in the town which will be equipped with all the modern and contemporary facilities. These features will give you a more convenient and comfy living. Let’s have a look at a few of these features.

  • The authorities have planned to construct a theme park within the society.
  • There will be a supply of non-stop electricity.
  • A mini-zoo will be designed for the kids of the residents.
  • For personal and social gatherings, there will be a beautiful community center in the housing society.
  • A delectated commercial area has been planned where you will be able to shop every necessity of daily life.
  • All sectors and phases will have a fully equipped gym to ensure a healthy life for the residents.
  • A central community park is designed within the society.
  • A Golf Course and DHA Rumanza.
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