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Bahria Town is the pioneer among all the residential and commercial schemes in Pakistan. From decades this scheme been shaping lives and providing a remarkable lifestyle to all its inhabitants. It is a name that stands out whenever it comes to living a luxurious life with all the high-end basic facilities and amenities. The huge area that it covers in all its projects is its major highlight. Other Housing schemes offer the same plots but Bahria Town Peshawar is the name that clicks everyone’s mind when it comes to villas, apartments, and other world-class commercial buildings.

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In Pakistan every city has this scheme and people who want an elite way of living buy their homes here. Every house and every project is catered according to the needs of the customers. Even the elite and middle class both can share a magnificent place to live and do business. The businesses have their own flourishing chances here, the plots and huge shopping malls, hospitals, and other amenities are fully crowded here. It is a city in itself. Living here you would seldom need to go out of this modern town.

Bahria has always been a project with its state of the art design, well-planned development, and modern infrastructure. It is mushroomed in the major cities of Pakistan and now engraving its footsteps in the City Of The Frontier i.e. Peshawar. It has started a gilt-edged real estate project with the name of Bahria Town Peshawar.

Location Map

It is an astounding housing scheme that will cater to the needs of its buyers by offering magnificent residential and commercial plots. Luxury homes, villas, and apartments which will have all the amenities are a fabulous part of this deal. Bahria Town Peshawar is a well-planned project that will offer the most impressive and exotic living community in the whole country. The site chosen and planned for this project is immense and can easily hold all of its constructive wonders. An exclusive and distinguished location is a vital part of the housing scheme. The project is expected to be launched in the following two locations. Google Map of one is shared below.

  • Charsadda Road, near Northern Bypass and M2-Expressway
  • Pubi Nowshera GT Road

Bahria Town has revolutionized the living community and the way real estate business was, a wide range of residential and commercial plots bestow you with smart opportunities to grow personally and professionally. An exquisite atmosphere in addition to lavish facilities with a well-designed community waits for you. With a promise of fulfilling all the basic and luxurious needs in a delightful way.

Payment Plan

Peshawar is a city that is on the track of rapid economic growth. The businesses and the market here are growing at a fast pace and people have doubled their demand for everything, especially the real estate business is boosting like fire. The demands of the customers for a well designed and terrific society to call their home and where they can enjoy a peaceful life loaded with all the world-class facilities are not ending anytime sooner. Bahria Town has always been a hero in these circumstances especially whenever the demand for exquisiteness increases. It jumps in and offers magic to their customers that they can rely on and that fill their jar of expectations.

Bahria Town Peshawar has again done the same by offering form and registrations to the ones who desire to be a part of the huge community system solely in the city. After the registration balloting will be done for the allotment processes. The Bahria housing project has always chalked out convenient payment plans for its buyers. Buyers can purchase plots by paying a suitable amount of down payment and conveniently planned out installments so they can enjoy living in this modern and futuristic community. This project is one of the high-end residential schemes which are dedicated to serving the inhabitants of Peshawar with brilliant and advanced facilities that they require for living a comfortable and peaceful life.


This town is a housing scheme that has been mapped out by the most proficient and skillful developers all around the world. This society has all the gems to match the international standards of living. The excellence and the magnificence it offers, speak for itself. Every house every villa and every community is built with flawless details. The developers behind this project had been working with their blood and sweat to make the most unique and exclusive living site for its affluent buyers in Peshawar.

Many people were reluctant to leave their native city to live in Bahria communities out of Peshawar in the other big cities, so to cater their needs keeping in mind the utter hereditary significance of the this City Of The Frontier, Bahria town’s team came up with Peshawar scheme offering a lavish and outstanding lifestyle right there in their city so they can have a luxurious lifestyle while belonging to their roots.

The skillful and experienced developers of this project have been planning for a long time to bring something ingenious and premium for its buyers by following the latest trends of living and to establish standards that match the international benchmark. The competent development team has laid out a plan to give their best in terms of convenience and comfort. They had worked on every nook of this housing project to fix the puzzles as perfectly and beautifully as they can.

Project Plan

Bahria Town Peshawar is a modern community which is built on the vision of exuberant society and state of the art development plan that caters all the living requirement of its buyers. It is able to provide the inhabitants of Peshawar with prime location and world-class amenities to have lifestyle they have always dreamed of.

The housing society will offer affordable plots and houses of 5, 10, Marla to 1, and 2 Kanal. Furthermore, enormous Bahria Town Villas established for the affluent who want to grab these ready to live villas having all the world-class facilities and amenities. With this recreational and unique development, commercial building,s and avenues, sky-high commercial towers, shopping malls, and road network will be established inside the town.

The finesse of all the comforts will make your life admirable and will present you with an upgraded way of living a harmonious and luxurious life. The project aims high to serve its residents with impeccable facilities and ultra-modern infrastructure with a safe environment. It is a place to spend calm and serene lives with your families.

Features and Facilities

Bahria Town is a name known for its sophistication of planning and implementation of their incredibly planned developments. Their housing project in Peshawar is something that is sketched on the paper of perfection with obviously something extra to it, just to make it stand out among the other projects.

It will offer its inhabitants an upper-crust lifestyle yet providing them a sense of safety and contentedness. The fortunate people residing in this community will enjoy all basic facilities to luxurious amenities with their loved ones.

School and Colleges

Bahria Peshawar offers the best education system in its community. The educational institutes are branches of one of the biggest school systems in the country offering international standards. For higher education colleges and universities will be established too. So you don’t have to send your kids out of this world-class community for seeking the best education.

Medical Facilities

All kinds of medical facilities are available here from well-equipped hospitals to best clinics in which one of the big names in the medical profession will serve the inhabitants of the Bahria community.


Not just commercial or residential buildings, the town has catered to all needs of the families. Park and playground for people and children to spend quality time outside their home are a must part of this project.

Sports Complex and Gymnasium

For people who prefer a healthy lifestyle, sports and exercise are a vital part of their lives. Some people take it as a passion and are dedicated to it. To encourage a healthy and fitness filled lifestyle the society will offer massive sports complex and highly equipped gymnasiums with the latest machinery for all the enthusiasts.

Vigilant Security System 24/7

It is a vicinity that offers a foolproof and vigilant security system that is active 24/7 in order to keenly take care of your valuable assets and properties and to save you from any unexpected harm or any untold intrusions. For this purpose, the security team has plotted CCTV cameras in every nook and inch of the Town to make sure its inhabitants a peaceful and safe living.

Drainage System

The Drainage system is developed on the international benchmarks to smartly handle the water and waste problems and built in such a way that complies with Peshawar weather.

Vibrant Commercial Area

Bahria Town will offer vibrant commercial area encompassing all the facility places for your needs like massive shopping malls, grocery stores, and entertainment places where you can enjoy and shop from the top international and local brands without stepping out of this vicinity.

Wide Road Network

This housing venture will have the huge carpet of roads surrounding the area which is a forte of all Bahria Town Projects. This network of roads will connect you outside this housing scheme and the traveling easy and speedy by covering a distance of hours into seconds.

Clean and unpolluted Environment

Surrounded by lush green trees and gardens, the town offers a clean and unpolluted environment to its inhabitants. Away from the factories and their waste that makes the air polluted to breathe, Bahria with its greenery all around the vicinity has an unpolluted and clean environment that its inhabitants can enjoy and soothe their eyes and soul from it.

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