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Apna Agro City Islamabad Feature Image

This Agro City is a beautiful land of urbanity and masterpiece provides a natural and peaceful environment to its residents. Beautiful green fields followed by neat and clean roads and parks provide a calm and peaceful life experience. It’s a good opportunity for both the residents and investors as investing here will give you high profits. For the first time in Pakistan, Apna Agro City Islamabad is proudly presenting the concept of “RIHAISH BHI – KAROBAR BHI”.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

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What makes it different from all other housing schemes is that it has 5 & 10 Kanal farms (Land) that are well suited for all the farming purposes like a dairy farm, fish farm, cattle farm or even if you’re looking for vegetable or fruit orchards this can be the best option.

This project provides a big opportunity to invest in livestock and making good earnings as our livestock contributes a big part to national exports. This sector provides the raw material that targets a large of our industry and livestock creates market and capital. Above that, livestock is raised by more than 6.5 million small and landless families in rural areas constituting their main livelihood source. Thus, it is an ideal sector for investment in livestock if one would like to address poverty alleviation in the most deserving areas i.e. rural set-up and of course, the business advantages are there as well.

If you are a small-holder and looking for a business or investment, this can be an ideal opportunity for you as demand for livestock products is increasing due to the growth in the Country in terms of urbanization, economic development, and population growth.

Here we are going to brief you more about everything like location, features, types of farms, and payment plan that this amazing project has.

Location Map

The Developers of this Apna Agro City has chosen a very ideal and well-suited location for this project. The sector is situated at Chak Koka Road Near M-2 Motorway Islamabad Neela Dullah Interchange providing an excellent view and ideal location to live and to grow.

The aim of the developers is to provide both opportunities and facilities of living and business to the people.
Plots of 5 Kanal, 7 Kanal, and 10 Kanal are currently being offered here in which some portion is allocated for homes, and rest is allocated to farming and livestock.

Payment Plan

When you look to buy a property, payment is the main factor that needs to be looked over. You can own property hereafter paying a little down payment that is of 10% and start building your dream house. The cost of 1 canal is 15 lac.

Buying property here and then keeping it for the next few months would be a good option to make a good profit. Also, it’s a good opportunity for the investors to make some money by investing here.
Get possession on (10%) down payment and the rest amount will be paid in easy installments.

Agro Farm House Installment Plan

Size Registration Booking Confirmation Allocation Possession Half Yearly Monthly Installments Total Amount
5-Kanal 10,000 1,000,000 750,000 750,000 1,000,000 250,000 66,667 10,000,000
10 Kanal 1,0000 1,800,000 1,350,000 1,350,000 1,800,000 450,000 120,000 18,000,000

Apna Agro City Farms Payment Plan
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Project Plan

Apna Agro City Farm Houses is a large project that was launched by APNA GROUP Islamabad. The APNA GROUP is a group of developers that are currently working on many different projects including different housing societies, communities, colonies, and other projects like this that is unique and is presented a different idea of residency and farming.

Since its launch, the project is going at a great pace and is 95% completed in terms of roads, farms, basic facilities, and whatnot. This community is precisely built in accordance with the modern norms of living and farming. The project resides on M2 Islamabad and covers a large area of land surrounded by mountains on one side.

The main aim of this project was to provide a place where people could live a standard peaceful life with all the necessities provided and the opportunity of good farming can be availed. Living and farming side-by-side make this project unique and different from other projects.


APNA GROUP is a leading developer’s company that is based in Islamabad and is the developer of this project. They have their office in Blue Area Islamabad. The community is developed keeping in mind the high-end needs and modern-world standards. This project is 100% approved by CDA (Capital Development Authority). Besides all this, the community offers a peaceful and secure environment for its residents with the main advantage of farming in many different genres.

The team of Apna Group is focused on delivering measurable and quantifiable marketing and advertising results. Yes, they love to be creative too, but they are more obsessed with knowing that it delivers results and this project. They are the founder of intercourse the “AGRO FARMING” concept first time in Pakistan.
Besides all the benefits for its residents, it also attracts the investors and farmers as it offers affordable prices with easy installment plans thus making the investors invest here. It is an ideal opportunity for living, investing, and farming as well.


Apna Agro City Islamabad provides some of the remarkable features in terms of living, farming, and livestock.
For 5 Kanal and 7 Kanal land, the housing comprises 4 marlas, with accommodation of 2 beds with bath, kitchen, and living.
Besides the living area livestock farming comprises of aquaculture, duck farming, goat farming, poultry farming, and tunnel farming with complimentary olive plants.

  • The aquaculture farm has a pond that comprises around 200 Juvenile fish.
  • Duck farming on the other hand contains a shed/water source with 5 Pekin Duckling, Pekin is the best breed for Duck Farming.
  • Goat farming has a shed with 6 Teddy Goats (5 Does & 1 Buck with 2 kids, Teddy is suitable Breed for Potohar Region).
  • Poultry farming contains a shed with 15 Chickens (13 Hens & 2 Cocks).
  • For 10 Kanal land, they provide the features that include a housing that comprises 6 marlas, with accommodation of 3 bedrooms with bath, kitchen, and living.
  • Livestock farming comprises of Aquaculture, Dairy farming, Duck farming, Goat farming, Poultry farming, and Tunnel farming with complimentary Olive plants.
  • Aquaculture contains a pond with 300 juvenile fish. Dairy farming contains a shed with 6 cattle that includes 4 Cows & 2 Buffaloes.
  • Duck farming contains a shed/water source with 20 Pekin ducks, Pekin is the best breed for Duck Farming.
  • Goat Farming contains a shed with 12 Teddy Goats (10 Does & 2 Bucks where Teddy is suitable to breed for potohar region.
  • Poultry farming contains a shed with 32 Chickens (30 Hens & 2 Cocks).

Besides all these features, they have heightening Horticulture that is recognized as an important sector for future diversification and value addition in agriculture. Morinaga farms are also being cultivated here as well which is a complete superfood with plenty of health benefits. The advancing Aquaculture in Pakistan is a good investment for the business. Domestic Poultry farming is one of the best businesses in Pakistan and Apna Agro City provides you with the best opportunities to avail of this offer.

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