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Al Rauf Makkah City Karachi Featured Image

In a city like Karachi, there are very less providers who are providing housing schemes that are very much affordable. But there is the provider who is so much good for all kinds of living styles as it gives you all the things that are necessary for an effortless living style. So you need not worry about it if you are looking for a place to live in as the Al Rauf Makkah City Karachi is in the business now and they have developed a very good plan for the people who are looking for a living space in a peaceful society at a prime location.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

The very first thing to be noticed is that the price of the plots is affordable and they are so much in an approach that a layman can purchase the plot without any effort as there are the methods that are developed for the easiness of the people based on the installments. And this is not just it as there are other things which are also supporting the buyer in many ways such as the buyers who will pay all the amount at the time of booking shall be allowed a discount so that there is a less financial burden on them.

Other than affordability various other factors are so much important and they are all consisting of the cooperation that the managers put it for the residents to make them comfortable. Other than this there are various other facilities that the society has obtained by the prime location. Now all these things are the factors which are so much important for the people and so it has been offering the bookings for the plots and now it is the opportunity for the people to purchase a home for themselves and make their quality of life better.

Location Map

Al Rauf Makkah City has the best location in the city of Karachi as it is located on the Super Highway Karachi. On the university road, housing society is located having various important places in the surroundings such as the Sindh employees scheme, water park, and many more places. All these places give a very safe and sound location to the people for living where there is no more need to be worried about anything. So with a location like this, there are a lot of things that are so much easier for the residents.

Along with all the places mentioned the life will be easier for the residents as now that you do have all the things in the hand so you should be looking for booking your plot here as the place is getting filled very quickly. All the things make the location of the society very worthy of buying and it is being offered at a very affordable price so now you need not be worried about any financial issue as it is now solved ad they prices are so much justified for the place like this.

Payment Plan

Al Rauf Makkah City Karachi has the plots for the commercial and also the residential buyers and so there are different plots that are available for sale.
The following are the sizes of the residential plots that are available:

  • 80 square yards
  • 120 square yards
  • 150 square yards
  • 400 square yards
  • 1000 square yards

The following are the sizes of plots that are available for commercial buyers:

  • 100 square yards
  • 200 square yards

A plot of 120 square yards is of the price of rupees 1,250,000 which has a down payment amount of rupees 62,500 which shall be paid at the time of booking of the plot and the rest of the amount shall be paid in the monthly installments of rupees 8,500 every month.

Similarly, for a plot of 150 square yards, the price is rupees 1,465,000 which has a down payment amount of rupees 75,000 which shall be paid at the time of booking of the plot and the rest of the amount shall be paid in the monthly installments of rupees 10,000 every month.

  • A discount of 20% is for the people who will pay the lump sum price of the plot at once.
  • Upon submission of 4 installments at once a plot will be confirmed for you.

This is the price that is very much affordable and anyone from a middle-class income can purchase their home so there is no need to be worried about it and this plan surely would give you the confidence that you are in safe hands and are fully covered.

Project plan

The project is very well developed and the planning of the development shows the amount of technology used in the making of the project is so good. Now the project has different sized plots that anyone can purchase as they want. Along with this, there is a parking area and commercial centers which will be built inside the Al Rauf Makkah City Housing Scheme Karachi. And the roads are pretty wide and it connects the homes to the main gate of the society. With that, the houses will be constructed by a planned idea.

Construction of the project is under process and there are very few bookings left the construction of the society is expected to complete in 3 years. So now you should be hurrying as you are not going to get any other chance like this or you will regret not investing here as there are the plots which are available for the commercial buyers and the returns are so much more than the usual ones. So do not let the opportunity go and then this is the thing which will change your life and is going to be a turning point of your life.


The housing society is developed by one of the best and the most competent developers Iqbal Hasan Associates who have more than one project running successfully and they are all well appreciated by the people living in those societies. So Al Rauf Makkah City is in the safe hands and it is also going to be very much successful as the previous ones as they have all the infrastructure and they have the manpower to complete the work timely. With all these things and the skilled and qualified staff, the project is going to be so much successful.

With such developers and a plan like this, there is no reason that this project will not fulfill your expectations so get yourself a treat by booking a plot for you in this society.

Features and Facilities

The society has the features which are so much good that it lures the customers towards it.

  • Parks
  • Wide roads
  • Mosque
  • Football grounds
  • Cricket grounds
  • Car parking
  • Safe play area for kids
  • Gymnasium
  • Security guards
  • CCTV cameras
  • Gated community
  • Hospital
  • Community center
  • Central courtyard
  • Amusement park
  • Schools

With all such facilities the life of the individuals will become easy as they do would have to wander here and there to look for the schooling of their kids or for the gymnasium to maintain their physique and similarly other things which others have to look for at faraway places and they have to travel a long distance to get facilities which are being provided by the society in the society near your house.

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