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Regal City Sheikhupura Feature Image

The project is now named as Regal City Sheikhupura.

Thanks to Pakistani developers who strive day and night to work for the development and betterment of the living places for the people. Every day they are introducing something unique and different from the previous one with the additional feature of affordability. Such a new housing venture “Al Azeem Green Villas” is recently launched in Sheikhupura District which will provide the people living with affordability. In present days Sheikhupura is in focus of infrastructure growth and eye witnessing an unbroken boost in land prices. But there is a lack of reliable landmarks in this region but Sun Marketing and Builders has initiated a grand housing project. No other scheme in the city assures the standard of living that this project entrusts.

Location Map
Payment Plan
Project Plan

Al-Azeem is the lodging plan where you will get reasonable property. You can purchase homes with all advanced conveniences at lower rates and furthermore you can pay installments by means of portions and different plans. The developers have paid attention to make house found on your vision at moderate. The project pleasures itself on presenting the people of the town a tranquil, articulately-arranged, centrally located and secure lodging plan. It is a place where individuals can reside, work, have fun, shop their favorite brands, and accessories with nonstop enjoyment. Al-Azeem Villas will be one of the most secure gated housing communities in Sheikhupura that will give each single facility of today’s modern and busy life. The peaceful surroundings, an ideal location, and affordable prices all for a one project is not less then a blessing for investors.

Location Map

Let us talk about the position of Al-Azeem Green Villas which is without doubt a vital feature to think about while making a decision for area to live. The location of the project is the most ideal and strategic which will not only give access you to the key areas of the town. But it is located at the junction of two cities on Faisalabad-Lahore Bypass. If you closely see on the location map you get to know that this housing society is situated near Mouza Qila Sahib, Jeewan Pura Kalaan and Peer Kot. All the main health and education institution of the town are located in the vicinity of this venture.

  • It is found near Sheikhupura-Sharaqpur Road.
  • It is situated a few minutes drive away from Motorway M2.

For getting information about prices come and follow me I will tell you about the payment plan of the project. The payment plan is very flexible. In such a prevailing location of town you can acquire your own commercial plot on 20% down payment for booking. Afterward you have to follow a simple installment plan designed by the developers of the project. The installment schedule is based on 60 monthly or 10 half yearly installments.

Let me give you people the updates about the residential plots. The residential area will give residential plots in dimensions of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 25 Marla. You can acquire your own residential plot on 20% down payment for booking. Afterward you have to follow a simple installment plan designed by the developers of the project. The installment schedule is based on 60 monthly or 10 half yearly installments.
The 10% discount will be given to those individuals who will make entire payment at once.

Project Plan

The project is a combination of both residential and commercial prospects. The project is located on the total area of 652 Kanal and 18 Marla which is divided into both commercial and residential sectors. The commercial sector is designed to give 6 Marla and 8 Marla plots while residential area will serve 5 Marla, 8 Marla, 10 Marla, 20 Marla, and 25 Marla with all the associated conveniences and facilities. The developers has installed highly modern infrastructure in Al-Azeem Green Villas Sheikhupura. From Schooling, hospitality, healthcare and pharmacies, shopping marts and commercial markets and fun and leisure spots everything will be available within secure and boundary wall of the best gated community of city.


My next topic of this discussion is about the developers of the venture. I know all the people who are interested to buy land want to know who the developers are. Of course this is a critical inquiry while picking up a land for residence in a society. We don’t have information about the developers. The project is developed by an anonymous real estate firm however it is marketed by Sun Marketing PVT Ltd. Present day structures, arrangement of the most recent comforts and offices, an assortment of decision, and a simple installment plan are the essentials of this venture. Every one of these things is given in the most ideal path with the end goal to update the expectations for everyday comforts of individuals. Their methodology is by all accounts extremely interesting and will acquire them a striking position in the land division and marketing.

Features & Facilities

Al-Azeem Villas will provide a bundle of facilities and these facilities are not available for limited time period but you can avail them for your entire life. Yes, you will enjoy the following amenities and services while living at this beautiful and fruitful project.

  • Electricity and own power generation plants.
  • Sui Gas and underground pipelines.
  • Boundary wall & Gated Community.
  • Parks & Playland for kids.
  • Wide main boulevards.
  • Carpeted Roads decorated with street lights.
  • Mosques.
  • Schools, Hospitals & Shopping Center.
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